Khajuraho Dance Festival
15 Feb

Located in the Bundelkhand region, the town of Khajuraho is famous for its group of Hindu and Jain temples. The temples inspire awe due to the intricate rock carvings that depict scenes from the past. The temples, the paintings and the sculptures portray the magnificence of the Chandela dynasty and their appreciation of art in …

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Solo Travelling
9 Feb

Travelling solo all over the country indeed makes for a surreal experience. A welcome respite from the frenzy that families and friends provide, solo travelling is the ideal way to be one with your soul. Seasoned backpackers would vouch for the excitement that one encounters while travelling on their own, making for some highly entertaining …

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travel guide
29 Jan

Madhya Pradesh, one of the most frequented states in the whole of India has increasingly become a favourite for global travellers. From the plethora of fauna to the vast range of exotic wildlife species, the state offers a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The historical monuments, the sites of spiritual significance, the colourful markets and alleyways …

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Madhya Pradesh tourism
15 Dec

Tourism in Madhya Pradesh is a growing by leaps & bounds which fuels not only the rural areas but also creates crucial employment and funds the services required to cater to the national treasures that the state boasts of. From national parks to wildlife sanctuaries to historic, spiritual & leisure destinations, tourism helps in uplifting …

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Shopping in Madhya Pradesh
14 Nov

Located at the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh witnesses a confluence of cultures past and new. It’s central location is also one of the reasons of the multiple influences that the place is subjected to from its neighboring states. Madhya Pradesh has been the haven for many a royal families for decades and this is …

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