Tourism in Madhya Pradesh is a growing by leaps & bounds which fuels not only the rural areas but also creates crucial employment and funds the services required to cater to the national treasures that the state boasts of. From national parks to wildlife sanctuaries to historic, spiritual & leisure destinations, tourism helps in uplifting them all by bringing in around INR 166 crores per annum from the Parks alone. It is thus essential to tap into the potential to not only uplift the rural enterprises but to also create a safe and sustainable environment for the wildlife.

Based on a report compiled by Dr. Raghunandan S. Chundawat which was funded by TOFT, the figures show that the financial and economical aids, generated from wildlife tourism have managed to reach the rural communities. However, the attempts have not been significant enough to drastically affect the lives of those who live in villages situated far off from the many city square. The findings explore the stark differences between the communities who have and not have been subjected to the profits of the tourism industry.

It has been observed that the thriving industry has been supporting a lot of local communities and assisting them by generating employment. The beneficiaries from the projects include guides, drivers, vehicle owners, owners of the lodges and also, hotel employees. The locals make up around 80% of the hotel staff who are entitled to health and educational benefits. Tourism projects assist in providing opportunities to earn better and see to it that the small organisations and neglected communities fare better in this rapidly evolving world that is forever moving forward. However, miles are yet to be traversed to successfully empower every rural community through the efforts put up by the travelling sector. 

The industry that was once booming with potential has gone through a rough patch in recent times, bringing down the rate of visitors by 50%. The alarming figures are a result of the underutilisation of the travelling sector and this has led to a decrease in the number of tourists. The report prepared by the doctor also highlights the fact that tourists nowadays are economically restraining themselves from spending lavishly on trips and this is one of the many reasons why the lodging sector has been dwindling of late. The infrastructure, the sanitation facilities, the environmental concerns are also some of the many factors that contribute to the severe decline of the industry. 

The places to visit in Madhya Pradesh are a plenty yet the tiger sightings remain a primary attraction. Visitors seem to be overtly satisfied with the safari rides that cruise through the national parks, giving them a glimpse of the wildlife roaming freely around. According to the report, the thrill of visiting tigers subdued due to the poor experience that the visitors, courtesy the poor roads and poor connectivity. The lack of environmental concerns that lead to an increase in the amount of plastic and non-biodegradable waste is also on the rise and travelling sectors should do well to right the situation. 

The report concludes by saying that the travelling sector had contributed greatly to the local schools, funded environmental programmes and even aided in the social upliftment.

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