The land of many wonders, Madhya Pradesh, rightfully known as the Heartland of India, has something on offer for everyone. Although the historical sites are some of the most frequented places in the state, the national parks and spiritual towns too have loyalists making a beeline for them. History, nature, culture and everything in between come together to contribute to the exoticism that is India.
From the lush greens of the natural landscapes to the serenity that temples provide to the throng of visitors every year, the colourful land seems like the gift that just keeps giving. The places to visit in Madhya Pradesh successfully capture the imagination of travellers who just cannot seem to get enough of the state’s offerings. While the sanctuaries offer endangered animals a safe haven to inhabit, the ancient temples too exude a sense of charm and a peaceful atmosphere welcoming tourists and natives with open arms.

A trip to Madhya Pradesh might be just what you need to get away from the hectic schedules of daily life. However, plan ahead and pepper your itinerary with some of the best    circuit tours that can make the visit all the more exciting and hassle-free.

Here, have a look:

1. Indore, Ujjain And Maheshwar

Can be referred to as a spiritual retreat, the trio brings forth the surreal spiritualism that the state has to offer. Start your trip with the sacred place of Indore, influenced by the Holkar dynasty and move all the way to Mandu,Ujjain,Maheshwar & Omkareshwar. These towns have a plethora of ghats, temples, palaces and spiritual sites and bring alive the need to be spiritually more active.Ujjain & Omakreshwar are 2 of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India.

2. Sanchi, Bhimbetka And Panchmarhi

The UNESCO awarded world heritage sites are the perfect blend of colours and history and natural aetheticism. While the stupa at Sanchi ( A UNESCO World Heritage Site )upholds the grand traditions of Buddhism, Bhimbetka ( Another UNESCO World Heritage Site )is the site where rock paintings are as old as 30,000 years & can be visited to get a glimpse of the craftsmanship of the ancient people. Not to mention, the hill station that is Panchmarhi ( An UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve ), nestled between waterfalls and forests,offering one the perfect getaway.

3. Jabalpur, Kanha And Bandhavgarh

The cultural capital of the state, Jabalpur is where you start at to tour the famous Dhuandhar falls and the Chausat Yogini Temple. Located a few kilometres away are the two of the most popular National Parks: Kanha and Bandhavgarh. Jungle safari rides, the lush sal and bamboo forests and cruising through the natural habitat of tigers and other exotic species, the thrill that one is sure to feel never ceases to stop while you are on this circuit.

4. Orchha And Khajuraho

Visiting Orchha and Khajuraho ( A UNESCO World Heritage Site ) while you are touring Madhya Pradesh is a no-brainer. The architectural grandeur that the places exhibit still manage to instil a sense of awe and wonder that inspire architects and artisans of today. The influence of the Bundela kings is evident through the mosaic paintings Orchha while the erotic sculptures at Khajuraho reveal  the artistic brilliance of the craftsmen.

The scenic beauty of the state is what draws thousands of wanderers every year along with the cultural milieu that the places to visit in Madhya Pradesh offer. Enlist the assistance of i4u Travel Services and have all your lodgings and bookings taken care of seamlessly.