Located in the Bundelkhand region, the town of Khajuraho is famous for its group of Hindu and Jain temples. The temples inspire awe due to the intricate rock carvings that depict scenes from the past. The temples, the paintings and the sculptures portray the magnificence of the Chandela dynasty and their appreciation of art in all its forms. The Indo-Aryan sculptures and architecture is an ode to love and passion and are a tribute to the revered deities.

The historical and religious sites, that are in abundance in the state of Madhya Pradesh attract tourists from all over the world. With the Pench, Bandhavgarh and Panna tiger reserve, dotting the state along with the vast expanses of flora, the place has an offering for every wandering soul. The convergence of the multiple cultures make the state a haven for many a cultural programmes that take place throughout the year. One such event that takes place during the Spring and that which is anticipated for months in advance is the Khajuraho Dance Festival. The festival is to take place on the 20th of February and is slated to span a week.

Spectators from every corner of the world converge to make this event a global success. The festival takes place amidst the backdrop of the UNESCO world heritage sites and provides a platform for every Indian dance form to manifest themselves. The spectacle upholds the tradition and art that the country is known for, making it one of the most vibrant festivals of the year. The dance festival was inaugurated in the year 2002 under the Kala Parishad, inviting performers to contribute to this spectacle. Dance forms ranging from Shiva’s Tandav to Vishnu’s Raas Leela, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak and a lot more are brought to the world by dancers of exquisite skill and expertise. The entire week is dedicated to the art, music and classical dances making the state of Madhya Pradesh the epitome of a cultural melting pot.

The Chitragupta and Vishwanatha temples in particular are chosen as the site for the festival to be displayed in all its glory. The vast open air auditoriums at these temples provide the perfect platform for the dances to be performed. The entire festival that is displayed through elaborate costumes, melodious tunes and the sheer display of talent that bring to life the contributions of various unnamed artisans and sculptors indeed makes for a surreal experience. The festival serves as a reminder and an ode to the years of yore when cultural festivities ruled the day and was more commonplace than they are now. Although the ravages of time is evident within the ruins, the place does not fail to inspire.

The city of Khajuraho has its own airport and railway stations and are well connected to all the major sites. Buses, taxis and private vehicles are used to commute throughout the city.

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