Travelling solo all over the country indeed makes for a surreal experience. A welcome respite from the frenzy that families and friends provide, solo travelling is the ideal way to be one with your soul. Seasoned backpackers would vouch for the excitement that one encounters while travelling on their own, making for some highly entertaining episodes that would be forever cherished. Yes, a bit of courage from your end is all that you need before venturing out.

The state of Madhya Pradesh, usually referred to as The Heartland of India provides the ideal backdrop for you to let go and have a whale of a time. The place is steeped in history and one feels a sense of supreme spirituality wash over with every new town that is explored. The national parks of Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Satpura that are renowned for the high density of tigers and other wildlife is what the state is most renowned for. Not to mention the series of temples, palaces and more that dot the land, making it the perfect spot to unfurl your wings and take in everything on offer.

Bhimbetka Caves

Craving a slice of history? Hitch a ride to the elusive caves at Bhimbetka and witness the paintings, the carvings and sketches that serve as a testament to the lives led by our ancestors. The cave paintings that depict the earliest traces of life are estimated to be around 30,000 years old and beyond. Visit the cave shelters and remain in awe of the history unfolding right in front of your eyes.


Cruise through the lush greens atop a Jeep and take in the exotic wildlife and flora on offer. Kanha National Park, ranked amongst the Top 10 tourist places in India make a stunning scenery with tigers and antlered-stags roaming around in peaceful harmony. The Jeep rides are usually a family affair but taking in the sights with the constant cacophony that serves as at backdrop can at times take away from the experience. Be prepared to indulge in memorable moments and get to know the animals through the expert commentary by your guide.

Gastronomical Extravaganza

Travelling whether on your own or with your pack accompanying you demands that you eat and eat a lot. And what better place to let go of your diet than the very Heart of India? With baflas, dhoklas, bhutte ki kees, spicy chaats, jalebis, piping hot gulab jamuns and much more to satiate your insatiable cravings while you are hopping from one site to the other, the streets of MP serve as a treasure trove for food enthusiasts. And no, you don’t have to share that plateful of bafla with anyone either if you are travelling alone.

The Marble Rocks Of Bhedaghat

The white rocks with tinges of green make for a surreal spectacle across the Narmada river. These natural rock formations are one of the many offerings of Jabalpur and the awe-inspiring views are best enjoyed when you are all on your own. Fun fact: The place is the source for marbles that are carved and sent all over the country.

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