The imposing deadlines at our work place, the incessant demands that need to be met in our daily lives, the constant struggle to ace in every endeavour can indeed take a toll on our days. The urge to vacation becomes all the more prominent during these dire times and what better way to spend a few days away from all the chaos than on the laps of Nature. Madhya Pradesh, one of the most frequented tourist spots in India can indeed be the solution in offering you solace from your hectic & chaotic life style. From rejuvenating your soul to filling you with unrestrained energy, every trip to the Heartland of the country can be just the elixir you need.

The state is renowned for its vast expanses of natural beauty that mingles seamlessly with the man-made ones. Places of historic origin, spiritual significance, wildlife sanctuaries that have been providing a safe haven to endangered species for decades now, the state of India offers unique experiences that cater to every interest.

Let us offer you a detailed look at some of the many sites that have contributed to the state’s global popularity:

The Caves At Bhimbhetka

Craving a slice of history? The series of caves located in the Vindhya mountain ranges offers historical evidence of the footprints that cave men had left behind all those thousands of years ago. The site contains more than 600 caves, making it a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. The caves contain rock paintings, sketches and carvings depicting the life led by the primitive individuals and leave visitors nothing short of awestruck.

The Wildlife

Renowned universally as the place to spot the rarest of the tiger family, the state does not hold back on its promise. The huge compounds dedicated to sanctuaries and national parks in an attempt to safeguard wildlife are an inspiration to many. Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Satpura, Pench National Parks and many more offer homes to tigers, sloth bears, deer, jackals and even to migratory birds, letting travellers admire the sheer beauty of the placed inhabited by animals.

Ujjain’s Temples

Located on the banks of the Shipra, the city of Ujjain is famous for being the hub where most of the religious activities take place. Kumbh Mela, one of the most looked forward to events, occur in Ujjain along with Shivratri, Ardh Kumbh Mela and numerous other festivals are celebrated with much pomp and show at the temples of this holy city. Time your visit during one of the festivals and prepared to be swept away by the sheer magnificence of it all.

The Sculptures

The temples at Khajuraho offer a sight for sore eyes. The intricately carved sculptures that are situated inside the temples attract historians, archaeologists, art lovers and enthusiasts from around the world who attempt to replicate these brilliant pieces of craftsmanship. The sculptures portray the myriad elements of life and have been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

There is no dearth of sites and places to visit when in Madhya Pradesh. From filling your itineraries with Bhojpur and Jabalpur tourism packages, travel packages to tour Bhopal, Safari rides that cruise through the wildlife parks and much more can be arranged at the drop of a hat. Enlist the assistance of i4u Travel Services to avail the luxuries associated with a visit to this special state and have all your concerns regarding the best hotels, food, shopping and sight- seeing taken care of. And what’s more, you can even have everything customised to fit your needs and taste.