Has a visit to the exotic lands of Madhya Pradesh always been on your radar? A land starkly different from the snowy hilltops of the European continents, the Heartland of India is brimming with activities, colors and festivals drawing travelers from all over the world.
Plan your visit extensively for there is a plethora of sites that you need to go to and take in the wonders that the place has to offer.

Madhya Pradesh tourism has grown extensively over the past decade making it one of the most sought after places for international tourists. The heritage sites, the temple towns, the national parks, the colorful bazaars which are bound to make your wallets lighter, the delectable cuisines that dot the stalls at every alleyway, and of course the multiple festivals both spiritual and cultural, the state is just what you need to satiate all your traveling needs.

The state provides the perfect locations to plan road trips with your family or other travel enthusiasts that you had befriended whilst on tour (yes, there wouldn’t be a dearth of such wandering souls while you are in India). However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind:

1. Plan your itinerary well in advance.
2. Research on the places that you are likely to visit.
3. Keep plenty of the Indian currency on you and do not always rely on your credit cards.
4. Traveling with a local is always helpful.
5. Enlist the assistance of the very best of the travel service providers
6. Keep your passports, visas, permits and other important documents that are crucial for traveling, with you.
7. It can get difficult navigating the unknown terrain. Make sure you know of places to lodge and eat while you are on the road.

The places that can be covered on this road trip:

1. Bhimbhetka

Travel to the surreal Bhimbhetka caves only to be stumped by the impossibility of it all. The place holds testament to the existence of mankind almost 30,000 years prior and the intricate sketches and paintings provide just the evidence you need.

2. Sanchi

The Sanchi stupa is renowned worldwide and for all the right reasons. Known to preserve the relics of Buddha, this spiritual place that is synonymous to enlightenment has been inspiring awe for centuries now due to its intricate architecture and the symbolism that it conveys. Make a pit stop at this site and get a taste of what ancient India had been like.

3. Panna National Park

This wildlife sanctuary is known around the world for the numerous animals that are known to roam the lush greens of the area and Madhya Pradesh tourism strives to make the place a more popular tourist destination. Make a stopover at the place, hop on to a Safari jeep and try to spot the wild cats and leopards in their natural habitat.

4. Govindgarh

Regarded as the summer palace for the royal families of Rewa, trust us when we say this beautiful spot, now almost in ruins is indeed inspiring. To think of the activities that went down at this place to roaming the surrounding temples, Govindgarh can transport you and your peers back to the wonder years of yore.

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