The notion that India is a traveller’s paradise is not exactly far from the truth. The richness of the country in every aspect contributes to the visits made by tourists from all over the world. Madhya Pradesh ranks amongst one of the most frequented places amongst all the states and for all the right reasons. Travel enthusiasts make a beeline for the state to revel in the lush expanses of land, the exotic species of wildlife, the historical experience that the place provides and the spiritual reverence that the place promises.

Renowned for being the land of tigers and temples, Madhya Pradesh also transports you to the glorious past of the royals, the Rajputs, the breathtaking mansions they inhabited and the awe-inspiring structures that they helped to create. One such place of importance is Bhojpur, located at a distance from Bhopal on the bank of the Betwa river. The city is named after King Bhoj who belonged to the Paramara Dynasty who was known to have designed dams to capture the water from 99 rivulets. MP Tourism Packages include itineraries that cover every nook and cranny of this beautiful city, making travellers exult in the rich offerings of the state. Let us take a look at the various hotspots that the place is famous for:

Rock Paintings

The rock paintings are some of the most renowned features of Madhya Pradesh. These particular rock paintings are popular due to the engravings that had been made on stones of ruins which were about to be used to build the Bhojpur temple. The unfinished work had led to the creation of quarries on which these engraved stones are found making it a renowned tourist spot for many.

Jain Temples

The Jain temples are yet another incomplete structure that have now become one of the most prominent tourist sites in Bhojpur. The temples pay their reverence and tribute to the Tirthankaras and even have structures and deities that pay them reverence.

The Parvati Cave

If you have an insatiable urge to take in archaeological wonders from the centuries past, Parvati Cave is the place for you. The cave or rock shelter placed on the west of River Betwa, boasts of architectural ruins, wreckages and sculptures that hark back to the past, embedded with splendid craftsmanship.

Bhoja’s Royal Palace

One of the mightiest palaces to have existed during the 11th century, Bhoja’s Royal Palace have made a name in history due to its sheer valour and architectural splendour. Though the place is almost in ruins now, the remains provide a distinct idea of its might during the years of yore. The place of residence for King Bhoja, the mansion is sure to offer you with all the wonders that history books promise.

There are no dearth of places to visit in Madhya Pradesh and works wonders especially if the doctor has advised a change of scenery. Look into the services provided by i4u Travels and have your trip designed and customised just the way you have been envisioning it.