For many, Madhya Pradesh is considered the crowning jewel of India what with its plethora of historical sites, national parks and spiritual locales. The state is indeed a great place to unwind and relax, away from the constant chaos that our daily lives subject us to. Be it a trip to the glorious days of the past, or a visit to gape at and admire the architectural brilliance that the state has in store for you through its display of temples, forts and majestic palaces.

There is no dearth of places to visit and remain in awe of at Madhya Pradesh and that is a renowned fact. Tourists from all over the world converge at this wondrous place that oozes surreal royalty and heritage and go back only to return once again. The National Parks in Madhya Pradesh which have proven to be an example for the world at large for promoting the efforts devoted to wildlife conservation provide some of the more thrilling adventures that the place has to offer. The historical places of Sanchi, Gwalior, Mandu, Orchha and many others are known for their exquisite structures that continue to inspire engineers of the modern era. Rest assured, you would not be able to stop thinking about the intricate designs and the innovative bent of mind that went into creating such stellar masterpieces.

While we are on the subject of the magnificence of the past, let us take you further in history and present the hallowed Bhimbhetka Caves for you.

Bhimbhetka, situated around 45kms from Bhopal is named so because of an ancient tale about Bheema, one of the five Pandava brothers. Recognised by UNESCO as one of the oldest historic sites, the caves in Bhimbetka is surrounded by the Vindhya Mountains. The caves are undoubtedly some of the most frequented tourist sites in the area and understandably so. The place consists of almost 600 caves, of which only 12 are made available for the tourists to admire and explore.

Reasons For You To Place It In Your Itinerary

The name Bhimbhetka literally translates to “where Bheema sat”. These caves provide a detailed view of the oldest paintings known to man and according to archaeological surveys, the art carved onto the walls of the paintings date back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages. The paintings make for an interesting study as they depict the ancient men and women’s interaction with each other and with other forces of Nature. The periods can be clearly distinguished from each other as the paintings and art become distinct and clear, as they became more and more advanced with each passing era. The stick lines turn into well defined animals and it seems as if communication too got improved with the passage of time.

If you are touring Madhya Pradesh for the very first time, it would indeed prove to be an exciting time, exploring the caves and moving on from linear, non-descriptive images to full fledged pieces of art made by the cavemen using paints. These paints are made by mixing hematite, manganese and coal. The paintings now portray elaborate descriptions of activities that they went through from cooking to hunting, use of weapons to the gradual discovery of daily essentials. Take our advice and plan a trip to these exotic caves soon after the first one. You would definitely not be able to tour the entire place and take in its glory all at once.

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