Located at the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh witnesses a confluence of cultures past and new. It’s central location is also one of the reasons of the multiple influences that the place is subjected to from its neighboring states. Madhya Pradesh has been the haven for many a royal families for decades and this is clearly evident in the local fare. Be it the food, the clothes, the architectural designs and even the routine lifestyle: the reflections and impacts of the bygone era are transparent.
The religious sites, the historical monuments, the sites that instill spiritualism and of course, the wondrous flora and fauna, MP has no dearth of touristy attractions that appeal to hundreds of visitors every year from all over the world. The national parks in Madhya Pradesh are some of the more frequented places that see record footfalls nearly every year. This is partly because of the thrilling Safari rides organized by tourism companies that allow guests to partake in exciting adventures while cruising through the dense forests, glimpsing rare animals from quite a proximity. The state of Madhya Pradesh can indeed bring forth a sense of awe as it holds the competence to offer treasures in every aspect. And speaking of treasures, what better way to ensure that you are always reminded of the place than by bringing a piece of it home? Here’s providing you with a brief overview of the many gems that you can pick up while you are touring the wondrous state of MP:

Bhopal’s Thappa Jewellery
Housing one of the dying arts from ancient India, Bhopal is known for these intricate pieces of jewellery. The gold smiths stamp sheets of gold with beautiful floral prints that are then used to design jewellery. Thussa on the other hand entails the braiding of metal strands (preferably, gold) to mould neckpieces, earrings, bangles and much more. Drop by the bylanes of Bhopal and indulge to your heart’s content.

Chanderi Sarees
The Chanderi fabric that is now readily available in every second traditional clothing store all over India has its origins in Chanderi, a small village near the ruins of Bundela. The weave is translucent and you can be assured to get your hands on the authentic material on the Chanderi weaver’s government sponsored websites. It is said that it dates back to the Mughal era as some of the self embossed motifs on the material are a callback to the prevalent designs of the times.

Home Decor From Ujjain
Try as you might but you can never return empty handed once you have stepped foot in Ujjain. From intricate pieces of work using beads, Papier-mâché, and precious gems, the beautifully decorated stalls are stacked with a variety of breath taking structures that would surely find their way into your luggage. Have a spare room to decorate back home or do you have a loved one who you want to shower goodies that you amassed from a trip on? Embark on a heady shopping spree in Ujjain and have your shopping needs sorted.

The Fabric Of Maheshwar
Maheshwari fabric with its geometrical patterns, vibrancy and unusually long yards have become renowned worldwide. So much so that the utterance of the name of the place itself conjures the image of these colourful, tasseled sarees that are always coveted. Shop at the Rehwa Society that houses them and have a portion of the expenses be redirected for the betterment of the ladies who weave them.

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