Madhya Pradesh, one of the most frequented states in the whole of India has increasingly become a favourite for global travellers. From the plethora of fauna to the vast range of exotic wildlife species, the state offers a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The historical monuments, the sites of spiritual significance, the colourful markets and alleyways that are bustling with people and presenting a diversity in culture are the very things that draw people from all over the world to the place.

MP tourist places are present in a plenty and has something for everyone to take back home to. Craving a slice of history? Madhya Pradesh boasts of three UNESCO World Heritage sites namely Khajuraho, Sanchi & Bhimbhetka.

Head to the Stupas at Sanchi. Want to explore the religious sentiments of the state ? Visit Ujjain & Omkareshwar. Khajuraho is the place to be lost in time. Indeed, one never runs out of places to visit when it is the Heartland of India. So much so that the place has recorded some of the highest number of visitors from the United States of America:

Here is a list of essentials that needs to be kept in mind before heading towards the wonder land of Madhya Pradesh:

1. Flight Schedules

Since Madhya Pradesh is well connected to most of the major cities in India, reaching the place becomes all the more easier. Have a stop-over at either Delhi (801 kms) or Mumbai (950 kms) and take a flight or train ride to the cities of Madhya Pradesh.

2. Airports in Madhya Pradesh

Almost all the major cities in Madhya Pradesh have an airport to call their own and are connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bangalore, Indore and many more. The major air terminals in the state are situated at Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior and Khajuraho.

3. Use Of Credit Cards

The use of credit cards is widely accepted in all the popular markets, the hotels and shopping centres all over Madhya Pradesh. However, tourists are advised to look up the rates charged on international cards and carry backup cash.

4. The Language Spoken

Though English is predominantly spoken all over the state and understood by most of the communities, it does not hurt to know of a few local words that can get you by without posing a hindrance while you are asking for directions to your hotel or a tourist spot. Guides too are adept at speaking German, Spanish and other European languages other than English to help tourists during their stay.

5. VISA & Passports

It is mandatory for international travellers to have a legal passport and visa while touring India. Applying for visas and passports have become relatively easier as these can be done online following a few easy steps. Always have these on you while travelling as their need might arise quite often at various tourist places in MP. Click here to know more about this.

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6. Helpline