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भगवान राम खास दिवस ओरछा रहत हैंरैन अयोध्या वास

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Not only Ayodhya but Orchha too has great significance with Lord Rama.Situated in the border with Uttar Pradesh, in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, the ‘Ram Raja Temple’ in Orchha has  a special place for devout Hindus where Lord Rama is not only worshipped as a God but also as the ‘King of Orchha’ & is said that it is his rule which prevails in Orchha.

भगवान राम खास दिवस ओरछा रहत हैं, रैन अयोध्या वास

This inscription is written in the ‘Ram Raja Temple’ which translates to – Lord Rama stays in two places – Ayodhya & Orchha. In the day, Lord Rama stays in Orchha & retires for the night in Ayodhya. Just like Ayodhya is synonymous with Lord Rama, similarly, Orchha too s the abode of Rama. Demographically, today, the distance between Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh & Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is roughly 450 kms.


The folklore is – In the 16th century, Orchha was ruled by the Bundelas. The Bundela King Madhukar Shah’s wife, Queen Kuwari Ganesh brought ‘Ramlala’ – Lord Rama from Ayodhya to Orchha. Madhukar Shah was a devout Krishna disciple & had asked his queen to accompany him to Vrindawan. However, the Queen worshipped Rama so she refused to go. Madhukar Shah, in a fit of anger, asked his queen to bring Rama to Orchha if she was such an ardent devout. Queen Kuwari Ganesh immediately proceeded for Ayodhya & meditated on the bank of the river Saryu. She was subsequently blessed by Saint Tulsidas & continued her meditation. After many months, even when she could not get a blessing of Rama, she jumped in the river. Lord Rama blessed her & promised to rule Orchha as the King. Madhukar Shah build the ‘Ram Raja Temple’ & established Lord Rama there not as a diety only but as the “King of Orchha”. The ‘Ram Raja Temple’ is perhaps the only temple in India where the constabulary of Madhya Pradesh Police give an armed salute in the morning & evening, as deserved by a King.

Tourist Attractions

• Sheesh Mahal • Jahangir Mahal • Rai Parveen Mahal • Laxmi Temple • Chatturbhuj Temple • Cenotaphs at the Betwa • Sound & Light Show • River Rafting.

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