“Sound and Light Show in Madhya Pradesh – MP Tourism”

Soaked in the rich past, Madhya Pradesh is best known for its historic grandeurs and enthralling tales !

What better than witnessing the folklores with a sound and visual extravaganza ? Head to these seven tourist destinations of Madhya Prdaesh and experience the mesmerizing “Sound & Light Shows” portrayed against the backdrop of the ancient monuments.

As a traveler to Madhya Pradesh, ensure not to miss the spectacular “Sound & Light Shows” at it’s historical monuments. Madhya Pradesh Tourism has incorporated state-of-the art technology to offer a once in a life time extravagant experience showcasing the history of the places & it’s associated monuments. As of now, Madhya Pradesh hosts seven “Sound & Light Shows” at various tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh.

At most of the places, the Sound and Light Show is being narrated in Hindi and English. One can opt the preferred language and time as per convenience.

Be transported to the medieval times and get ready to witness the history of Madhya Pradesh with the magical ‘Sound & Light Shows’ programmed against beautiful monuments across the state.

Check out the “Sound & Light Show” conducted by MP Tourism at the various tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh.