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Visit KhajurahoVisit Khajuraho, a UNESCO World Heritage site & one of the most popular tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for its ancient temples that depict some of the finest art in the world.

Visit Kahjuraho – the temple architecture of India

The Khajuraho temple complex is simply unique. One thousand years ago, under the generous and artistic patronage of the Chandela Rajput kings of Central India, 85 temples, magnificent in form and richly carved, came up on one site, near the village of Khajuraho.

The amazingly short span of 100 years, from 950 AD – 1050 AD, saw the completion of all the temples, in an inspired burst of creativity. Today, of the original 85, only 22 have survived the ravages of time.
These remain as a collective paean to life, to joy and to creativity to the ultimate fusion of man with his creator.

Why did the Chandelas choose Khajuraho or Khajirvahila – garden of dates, as it was known then – as the site for their stupendous creations?

Even in those days it was no more than a small village. It is possible given the eclectic patronage of the Chandelas and the wide variety of beliefs represented in the temples, that they had the concept of forming a seat of religion and learning at Khajuraho. It is possible that the Chandelas were also believers in the powers of Tantrism which believes that the gratification of earthly desires is a step closer to the attainment of the infinite. It is certain however, that the temples represent the expression of a highly matured civilization.

Yet another theory is that the erotica of Khajuraho, and indeed of other temples, had a specific purpose. In those days when boys lived in hermitages, following the Hindu law of being “Brahmacharis” until they attained manhood, the only way they could prepare themselves for the worldly role of ‘householder’ was through the study of these sculptures and the earthly passions they depicted.

Based on their geographical location, the temples are categorized into three groups: The Eastern, Western and Southern temples. Beautiful, intricate and expressive, the sculptures of the Khajuraho temples will leave you in awe and wonder.

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The best time to visit Khajuraho is between October to March.

How to Reach Khajuraho

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    Khajuraho airport ( Airport code : HJR ) is located about 2 km from the town centre and is well connected to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Varanasi and Indore. Taxis are available from the airport to reach the city centre.
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    You can reach Khajuraho in a train by getting off at the Khajuraho Railway Station, which is around 5 km from the main town centre. The station is well connected to Delhi and Varanasi and with Mumbai & Kolkata via Satna from where you can hire a taxi.
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    Khajuraho is connected by road to cities like Jhansi, Orchha, Chattarpur,Bandhavgarh & Jabalpur. You can hire a taxi from any of these places to get to the city.

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