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"The Heritage Capital of India"

The Heritage Twin Cities- Khajuraho & Orchha

A UNESCO World Heritage site

Khajuraho does have a railway station with limited services. The airport (HJR) too offers flights to limited destinations.
Mentioned below are the best ways & routes to reach Khajuraho :

By Air

Khajuraho (airport code – HJR) is the domestic airport with limited connectivity to Varanasi and Delhi. The nearest big airport is Jabalpur(JLR) at a distance of 250 kms | 6 hrs drive having direct connectivity to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

By Train

Khajuraho (railway station code – KURJ) is a small railway station and is connected to Varanasi, Delhi, Bhopal, and Jhansi. Mahoba, at a distance of 80 km also has a railway station with train connectivity to major cities. It is advisable to check trains to Mahoba too. Taxi’s can be arranged for transfer from Mahoba to Khajuraho, Panna or Orchha. Satna, at a distance of 120 kms is on the major train route and has excellent connectivity. Jhansi is also a major railway station at a distance of 175 km. Guest can enter through Khajuraho and exit through Jhansi planning Khajuraho, Panna and Orchha. This can be planned vice versa too, subject to availability of train tickets. Katni is also major railway station at a distance of 185 kms.

By Road

Khajuraho is very well connected by road. It falls on NH 75, a little deroute of 10 km from Bamitha lands you at Khajuraho. The road distance from major towns and tourist places are mention below :

Satna-Khajuraho : 115 kms ( 2.5 hrs drive via NH 39 )

Mahoba-Khajuraho : 80 kms ( 2 hrs drive via NH 34 )

Panna ( Madla gate ) -Khajuraho : 25 kms ( 30 mins drive via NH 39 )

Khajuraho – Ken Ghariyal sanctuary ( Raneh Falls ) : 22 kms ( 30 mins drive via Raneh Falls road )

Orchha-Khajuraho : 175 kms ( 3.5 hrs drive via NH 39 )

Jhansi-Khajuraho : 175 kms ( 3.5 hrs drive via Jhansi-Mirjapur Highway and NH 39 )

Jabalpur-Khajuraho : 250 kms ( 5 hrs drive via SH 48 )

Katni-Khajuraho : 185 kms ( 4 hrs drive via MP SH 10 )

Bandhavgarh – Khajuraho : 225 kms ( 4.5 hrs drive via NH 39 )


Panna National Park

The city's royal past dates back to mid of 17th Centuary AD, when it became the capital of Maharaja Chhatrasal’s kingdom. On the other hand, with Ken River passing through Panna hills, the city has a wildlife-friendly present. You can spot the majestic tiger, the ghariyal - a huge reptile found only in the Indian subcontinent, and a variety of flora and fauna.


The historic town of Orchha, nestled on the banks of river Betwa, was founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput Chief, Rudra Pratap. Here, the river Betwa splits into seven channels, also called the Satdhara. Legend goes that this is in honour of the seven erstwhile Chiefs of Orchha.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh is a place of mythological and legendary significance. The ancient Bandhavgarh Fort is of great importance as it is believed to have been gifted by Lord Rama to his younger brother Lakshmana. 'Bandhav' in English means brother and ‘Garh’ means fort. Hence the name, Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh dates back to 2000 years ago and you will find several man made caves with inscriptions and rock paintings.