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                                                                                           Why Madhya Pradesh should be in your next travel destination..

What is so special in Madhya Pradesh ..

What is so special in Madhya Pradesh ..

Which thing is famous in Madhya Pradesh ..

What are the best exciting things to do in Madhya Pradesh ..

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Madhya Pradesh is the perfect destination to travel in India.

Madhya Pradesh is worth visiting as the state offers vibrant and varied tourism destinations like wildlife, heritage, spiritual and leisure.

Kalidasa and Tansen are the sons of Madhya Pradesh’s soil and yet not all their poetry or music can capture the carpet area of this beautiful piece of land.

Known as the “Heart of India” because of its strategic location, Madhya Pradesh`s centrality goes well beyond the map and reflects all things Indian.

Madhya Pradesh - The Folklore of India

Set your sight on the Narmada and through its flowing waters you see the land, the people, the culture, the arts, the tourism and cutting-edge modern-day amenities which are ready to welcome into the State, the rest of the world. Heritage sites share space with urban landmarks without any geographical grouses, designers scout for age-old embroidery for their collections, the Gwalior trade fair stands tall as the second largest trade fair in India and you begin to see how old Madhya Pradesh has lent itself seamlessly to modern India.

On the one hand you see the devout young man standing on the banks of the Narmada, lifting his eyes to heaven sending his prayers on a wing and the waters; and on the other, you see a handful of tourists in motor boats on the Upper Lake in Bhopal appreciating the serene beauty of the State. The old-world charm of caves and mines, humble abodes and sprawling havelis merge with all the passion and energy of Madhya Pradesh today.

With abundant wildlife and heritage destinations, no wonder, you find a lot of foreigner tourists in Madhya Pradesh too.


Let your memory be the only bag you carry while travelling’ :  Aleksandr Solzhenitsym, the Russian with the pen that was hard to ignore, has so precisely pinned it down. Gazing into the orange and violet sky over central India before night falls, you know you are in for a journey for which the only thing needed is willing feet.

Amongst the top reasons to visit Madhya Pradesh are destinations like  Khajuraho and Sanchi, the old city of Chanderi, the marble rock formations of Bhedaghat, the magic of Mandu, Maheshwar and its sarees….there are countless cities and towns to traverse, to unravel. Temples and Tigers and open jeeps take us through a terrain where prayers and beasts are both untamed.

While Panna and Pench, Rudyard Kipling`s ‘The Jungle Book’, and the Jungle Safaris and National Parks may be the big ticket attractions, there are the little villages and unsung folklore, the simple handicrafts, and the people and their lifestyles that are worthy of recording.

Sitting and having extra sweetened tea with the rural and tribal men and women of the Malwa and Nimar regions, both wearing heavy ornaments, you get a sense of the culture and cuisine of the State. The korma and keema, the chakki-ki-shaak, the biryanis and the bafla (a wheat preparation enjoyed with lentils – dal), in most of the cities and villages, meat and milk based food are very popular, and yet the tastes and preferences differ from region to region.

Madhya Pradesh top the list of all travel bloggers and you can scroll instagram with memorable images shared by tourists.

As any backpacker will tell you, you learn more about a place from its people than you do from its places. The ponds lacing the temples at Amarkantak, the handmade printed quilts of Bhairogarh that keep winters in London warm, the Bhagoriya Haat festival celebrating harvest (these very grounds once settled village disputes), be more of a traveler than a tourist and you will find these lesser known joys of the State.

Top reasons to visit Madhya Pradesh as shared by tourists are exotic destinations, mystic wildlife, docile people, safe & a  rich cultural heritage

Marketplaces and mosques, vestiges still visible of the lifestyle of the Begums, the minarets of the many masjids, chowk areas and walled entrances to cities, women in red, men in red turbans. Fit in a visit to Bhopal`s sprawling Sadar Manzil, the Hall of Public Audience – with its gothic architecture you could mistake it for a university in Germany. Silver jewelery, havelis, hotels that more were havelis, textile markets with embroidery work and cascades of velvet everywhere.


Who needs souvenirs when we have snapshots in our heads? From early morning till dusk, you look at Madhya Pradesh and realize that no language barrier or location can come in the way of the State`s uniqueness.

Pachmarhi is Madhya Pradesh`s green gem. Gorgeous waterfalls, rocks beautifully etched by nature. A lovely hill resort embraced by the Satpura mountain ranges, it offers doses of tranquility. Paths lead into forest groves of wild bamboo thickets, a walk in wild.
Madhya Pradesh being extremely safe is ideal for solo travelers too.
The town has a Victorian gentleness about it, possibly because it was discovered by Captain Forsyth in 1857. It appears as if high tea and high collars still govern the place. Much of this ambience has been maintained by the strong presence of the army. The old cottages, meticulously maintained by the Military Engineering Services, have changed little since the days of Kipling.
Here you get to enjoy the legendary sunsets at Dhoopgarh, the Christ Church whose stained-glass panes were imported from Europe. The baptismal font is a rare brass piece and the bell`s chimes can be heard way into the neighboring street. The Catholic Church with its blend of French and Irish architecture is a must-see, as is the Irene Pool discovered by Irene Bose, wife of Justice Vivian Bose, and so named after her. Rivulets, water flowing upstream, so many different shades of green and the natural surroundings blended with the handiwork of man, make this resort a pleasure for the spirit and the senses.
A trip to Pachmarhi makes your holiday in Madhya Pradesh worth a visit indeed.
Bhopal with its city slickness still retains the old-world grandeur when it was governed by the jeweled and iron wrists of the Begums. The Begums of Bhopal ruled the city from 1819 to 1926 and their legacy still lives on in conversations and books. A visit to the Chowk in the heart of the city is another must-do. Known simply and popularly as the Chowk, it is lined with ancient mosques and places of an era gone by.
From the drawing boards of Charles Correa`s office was born the Bharat Bhavan, a multi-arts complex in Bhopal. The art gallery, amphitheatre, the museum of tribal and folk art, and libraries of Indian poetry, classical music and folk music make it a rich, educative stop, specially for Westerners trying to glean a sumptuous part of India. This centre of the performing and visual arts ranks as one of the country`s most unique national institutes.
The Van Vihar National Park on the hill adjacent to the Upper Lake with an area of 445 hectares gives wildlife lovers ample feast for the eye. In these natural surroundings, beasts roam and delight onlookers. Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Panna and Pench National Parks and Project Tigers Reserves are among the other wildlife havens in the State. Madhya Pradesh is the “Tiger State” by it’s shear maximum numbers of Tigers and so here, with much choice, you get to see your favorite animal in all his feline splendor.
From fairs and festivals, architecture and art, drives through nature with rare flora and fauna and some amazing waterfalls; through itinerary or impulse, you can collect in your memory bank all the creativity and colour, the emotions and experiences that Madhya Pradesh offers.

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