After months of scorching heat, the first drops of rain is like a blessing in Madhya Pradesh. A state that is known for its panoramic beauty, a state that prides on its picturesque setting becomes all the more amazing during monsoons. The rain-soaked grounds and the luscious greenery is nothing short of imitating a scene right out of the dreams. While wildlife parks all around the state close down, there are still places to visit in Madhya Pradesh that will put you in awe. These destinations are beautiful all year long, but the charm increases tenfold during the rainy season. Want to know more about these places?

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Have you ever been impressed by the fairytale love stories narrated by your grandparents? The one that you read about true love in the old fable books? Well, coming to Mandu is like experiencing the love first-hand. No, there is nothing crazy here. Mandu is the city that celebrates love, joy and life through stones. Mandu is the “City of Joy” that narrates the euphoric love story of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur. As the story goes, Mandu was the capital of the Parmar of Malwa. The Sultans of Malwa came to power during the 13th century and renamed the city Shadiabad. Mandu is known for its gaiety and love. With exquisite tourist destinations like Jahaz Mahal, Jami Masjid, Hoshang Shah’s tomb and Hindola Mahal along with ornamental baths, pavilions and canals, you will be lost in time. A beautiful one indeed!


Known as “Satpura ki Rani”, Pachmarhi is nature at its best. The hilly region was discovered in the year 1857 by Captain James Forsyth. If you want complete tranquility as the rain tappers on the roof, this is the one destination you absolutely should visit. Strolling in the region will take you along a track of wild bamboo, dense jamoon groves and Sal forests. Sitting atop a mountain at the height of 1100 metres above the sea level, the man-made land complements the splendour of nature like no other. UNESCO has recognized Pachmarhi as a Biosphere Reserve for the huge range of flora and fauna that one finds here. The Mahadev Hills host several hills which showcase paintings that date back to 500 to 800 AD. The oldest paintings are believed to date back to 10,000 years. The Rajat Falls, which makes a massive drop of 351 feet looks extraordinary during the rainy season. If you follow Indian mythology closely, you will come across stories that narrate and identify Pachmarhi as one of the exile places for the Pandavas from the epic Mahabharata.

Serenity and peace seem to join in holy matrimony here. Other attractions in Panchmarhi include Pandava Caves, Lanjee Giri, Duchess Fall, Irene Pool and Handi Kho to name a few. Madhya Pradesh during the monsoon is beauty personified. Plan the places to visit in Madhya Pradesh and experience the state in its true charm.