Craving a slice of history? Or is a long planned pilgrimage on your mind? Sanchi, one of the most famous places that coloured the history of ancient India, should prove to be the place for you. Steeped in history, knowledge and a surreal vibe that echoes the past, Sanchi is still revered.
Tourists from all over the world make their way to Madhya Pradesh not just to enjoy thrilling rides cruising through the dense forests and national parks getting glimpses of the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers and the exotic fauna it offers but Sanchi is also among one of the main attractions. Sanchi was also the seat where Buddhism flourished and consequently met with a setback in the early centuries as a result of various conquests. Declared by UNESCO in the year 1989, Sanchi garnered a place in the list of World Heritage Sites and continues to be the pull for travel enthusiasts, archaeologists and pilgrims alike.
Planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh needs your precious time as there is no dearth of places to visit in this wondrous state. Do you have Sanchi on your travel itinerary? Let us present some of the most exciting places that you can visit in Sanchi while you are touring the neighbourhood.

Sanchi Stupas
Sanchi is synonymous with the word Stupas. These architectural mammoths created during the 3rd century B.C under the reign of Ashoka, are a sight to behold. The Great Stupa, one of the oldest among them is carved with magnificent etchings that never fail to instil within the viewer a sense of awe. Standing tall at 71 feet, the Great Stupa surely towers over all the other touristy sites and overshadows everything in its vicinity. Explore every nook and corner of this great architectural masterpiece or simply stand afar and admire. Disappointment would be the last thing to cross your mind.

Sanchi Museum
Not close behind is the Sanchi Museum, that houses a plethora of exotic objects from the long forgotten past. A popular site for the history buffs, going through the artefacts and relics are sure to take you centuries back. The royal dynasties that were the supreme power of the land, their conquests and the lavish manner in which they spent their days seem to transcend through the numerous relics, leaving visitors with an open mouthed wonder.
There surely is something uncanny about seals and paintings that are products of a rich history. Visit the museum reverberating with history and come back armed with numerous tales of the bygone times.

Gupta Temple
Built in the 5th Century AD by the royal dynasties of the Guptas, this architectural wonder continues to inspire builders all over the globe. The Gupta Temple has been designed to form one of the most mathematically approved structures. The temple indeed makes one feel in awe of the brilliant engineering methods followed by the builders of the past who successfully attempted to make such an imposing monument without having in possession any of the modern equipments that we now take for granted. Sanchi is predominantly a Buddhist pilgrimage centre yet the Gupta Temple catered to people belonging to different religions.
The temple is almost in ruins now but the superior craftsmanship cannot be mistaken.

Ashoka Pillar
A stalwart in the history of architectural creations, the Ashoka Pillar situated south of the Great Stupa is one of the many pillars built by the Emperor during his reign. Ashoka was known to strive for an end to the violence that was a result of warring countries and erected these pillars that were etched with his edicts. The pillar at Sanchi stands at a might height of 50 feet, reflecting the majestic rule during the bygone era and stands as a true representation of one of the most revered Emperors.

Udaygiri Caves
A series of twenty caves, these caves attract thousands from afar due to the sheer beauty that the carvings inside generate. Depicting sculptures and deities belonging to Jainism and Hinduism from the Gupta period(4th century AD), the caves offer a pinpointed glimpse into the past. The caves can be found on the top as well as on the foothills and never fail to inspire with their brilliantly intricate carvings that successfully convey stories of a violent and glorious past.

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