It is important to go out of the daily cycle of tedious and weary activities and connect with nature, history and spirituality from time to time. This helps you gain a perspective on life, rejuvenate yourself without the buzzing of phones, the constant staring at computer screens, daily meetings and rush hour traffic.

We at i4u travels provide the best services to help you relax, see magnificent sites, majestic temples, scenic landscapes, beautiful forests and animals in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. Our MP tourism Packages are varied and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. You can make a longer package tour with multiple destinations on your itinerary such as:-

1. National parks
2. Places of heritage and culture,
3. Spiritual pilgrimage sites or
4. Leisure sites.

You could also book a single site or type of package, say for example, focusing on tours of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries only.

Why choose Madhya Pradesh?

Located in the heart of India, sections of MP have always been a cultural crossroads between North and South India. Many civilisations and kingdoms left their influences here which shows in the language, culture and traditions of the state.

On the other hand, such as vast swathe of land always has large areas of wilderness which remained safe havens for animals and forests. Thus Madhya Pradesh offers you the right mix of history, spirituality, culture with wilderness and scenic landscapes. Lets take a look at a few of the options that you can avail with our MP tourism packages.

Places of Heritage :-

Madhya Pradesh had been a collection of many princely states over the years and is thus littered with beautiful palaces, unique monuments and forts which are now a testament to Indian architecture and engineering. Just some of the places that we offer in our MP tourism packages are:-

1. Shivpuri
2. Bhojpur
3. Gwalior
4. Khajuraho
5. Mandu
6. Orccha
7. Bhimbetka

National Parks and Wildlife Areas:-

This is an area where our expertise is not only well known but quite renowned. I4u travels have their own resort close the heart of the Kanha National Park which has world class facilities. However, we also provide MP tourism Packages for other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. A few these are:-

1. Pench National Park
2. Sanjay National Park
3. Vanvihar National Park
4. Madhav National Park
5. Fossil National Park
6. Bandhavgarh National Park

Places of Leisure:-

Dotted with beautiful landscapes, meandering rivers, natural rock formations and cities with deep cultural heritage, MP offers quite the unique mix of areas to explore. You could see –

Beautiful rocky banks of the river Narmada close to Jabalpur and other areas of natural beauty close by
Visit Bhopal to experience its unique language, food and culture
Indore with its very unique cuisine, urban culture sites and more
The beautiful hills, waterfalls and biosphere reserves in Pachamarhi among others

Spiritual and Religious Pilgrimages Sites:-

Historically, many areas mentioned within Mahabharata and other ancient texts are located within current day MP. Thus, it is no wonder that there are many significant religious and pilgrimage sites dotting the entire state. Just a few such places we service in our tailor made MP tourism packages for you are:-

1. Omakareshwar – One among the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines
2. Chitrakoot – The fabled forests where Rama and Sita stayed
3. Maheshwar – A city of ancient India rebuilt by Rani Ahalyabai of the Holkar dynasty with many significant temples
4. Sanchi – Synonymous with the Buddhist Stupa, commonly referred to as the Sanchi Stupa

Whether you want a specific type or a combination of the packages mentioned above, i4u travels can provide it. Our MP tourism packages will be able to cater to your needs and help you get a lifetime’s worth of unforgettable memories. Visit to know more.