India has always been a treasure chest for the outsiders to come, plunder and rule. But thankfully, the country still remains as the most unique in terms of its culture and heritage. It is rightfully said, ‘India is a land of cultural diversity’.

The reasons that make India a diverse country is its rich ethnicity, various states and their various cultures. One such state that should be included in every traveller’s list is Madhya Pradesh and there are reasons for it. So find a reliable tour operator in Madhya Pradesh before you read the reasons that make this state a proud part of the Indian country.

Let us look at some of the amazing facts about this state that will surely leave you craving for more!


1. Strategic location- Madhya Pradesh is often referred to as ‘the heart of India’. The word ‘Madhya’ spells out the geographical location- ‘in the center’ and so it forms the heart for India. Also, the state is the second largest one after Rajasthan, occupying about 308,000 of the total area.

2. A state with shifting capital- Does it remind you of Jammu & Kashmir? While Jammu & Kashmir has a summer and a winter capital, this is not so with Madhya Pradesh. Nagpur, like Kolkata(Calcutta, as the British government named it) was the first capital after India’s independence but in 1956, Bhopal became the new capital.

3. Khajuraho, a world heritage site- Khajuraho is a brilliant specimen of architecture in the 10th century. The engraved sculptures portray various erotic postures and expressions in an aesthetic way. One who possesses a fine sense of art and architecture, this place is a must-visit. And the most amazing fact is that this place is declared as a world heritage site and the reasons for doing so will be clear as soon as you visit this place.

4. Home to the oldest rock art- The caves of Bhimbetka are responsible for making Madhya Pradesh proud. It is one of the oldest collections of a cave and is 600 in total number. Every year, the footfall in this state is increasing and one of the main attractions for the tourists is this cave. It is a perfect place to appreciate some exquisite and marvellous paintings and rock carvings. Moreover, these caves are again a world heritage site.

5. The origin of Kumbh-fair- Madhya Pradesh also gives place to Ujjain, ‘The City of Temples’. It is called so because it has some of the most popular temples of India. Kumbh-Mela is a religious gathering that is held every year on the banks of river Shipra, in Ujjain. This gathering is marked by various purifying rituals and also some delicious street foods.

6. Residence for exotic wildlife- The state is naturally blessed with a large variety of wildlife creatures and bird species. Kanha National park and Bandhavgarh National Park are must-visit places if you are a hardcore wildlife enthusiast. The former park is noted for its special attempt in saving tigers; the population of tigers is huge in this park and you will be surprised to come across some human-friendly tigers too! The latter has a mixed variety of all mammals, insects, reptiles and birds.

Conclusion- There is no doubt why Madhya Pradesh is one of the most popularly visited cities in India. So set your dates, pack your bags and get ready to have a fantastic trip in ‘the heart of India’ and make the best of your lifetime.