Things to do in Pench National Park

We recommend the following activities while visiting Pench National Park :

  • Visit the Potter’s Village at Pachdhar – Our guide will help you understand the local culture, may be you can try your hand in making a pitcher too 
  • Go Boating Near The Pench Reservoir
  • Unwind & Relax
  • Shiva Temple
  • Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Tathastu Art Centre
  • Shasthi Mata Temple
  • Baghin Nala – This area lies within the park and is known for tiger spotting.
  • Sitaghat/Raiyakassa – Marvel at the scenic views of the Pench Rivera along with sighting exotic birds.
  • Piyorthadi – Head to this area for a rendezvous with tigers.

Sunset at Kohka Lake

Sure, you’ve seen a hundred other sunsets, and you will probably want to give this one a miss, however, don’t. The lake is in fact a small reservoir and in the evening, numerous water birds come to roost. Carry a flask of coffee, some sandwiches or maybe a sundowner and settle in comfortably for a few tranquil hours of bird watching at dusk.

Pachdhar Potter's Village

The village is around 18 km from Turia Gate. It’s a dusty but clean village with potters sitting at their terraces making their pots. Just watch or perhaps try your hand at making one. Be prepared to get your clothes messy, though.

Streambed Stroll

Take a one kilometer walk on the bed of a stream, which is a tributary of the Pench River, in the dry season. You will be accompanied by a naturalist who will show you everything, from a termite nest to a rufous woodpecker, and if you are fortunate, a flying squirrel.

Totlah Doh Dam

Located around 35 km from the majority of hotels in the area, this is a great picnic spot, especially for day trippers. If you come on a weekday, it’s usually quiet and the breeze blowing from the reservoir is pleasant and cool.