The Tiger Kingdom

What is it like to visit Kanha National Park in India ?

kanha national park -where tigers rule

Madhya Pradesh can be said to be the microcosm of India, for the land reflects the glory of India in many ways. These can relate to the architectural grandeur of its palaces, temples and mosques, the natural beauty surrounding the Vindhyas and other regions, the prehistoric art at places like Bhimbetka, the pilgrimage centres of Amarkantak, Chitrakoot and others, and the adventure trail of the tiger sanctuaries to name a few. For those with a

spiritual bent of mind and in the quest for peace and tranquility, the land of Sanchi can be an added attraction in the Madhya Pradesh tourism circuit.

Curated Travel Itinerary
For Kanha National

Just a few years back, Kanha used to regularly organize a “Tiger Show” which was basically an orchestrated viewing of the huge feline, so that no tourists go disappointed without seeing the tiger. Early in the morning, before dawn, the mahouts would drive their herd of ‘tracker’ elephants into the forest and following the alarm calls of the deers & monkeys as well as the fresh pug marks, trace the movements of the tiger & locate it.

An Experience Extraordinaire

Subsequently, the exact location was conveyed on a walkie talkie to the officials of the Forest Department who would then facilitate the tourists riding on these elephants to have a glance of the tigers. Despite the fact that these sightings were stage managed, it did not eliminate the thrill of an elephant ride as well as a guaranteed “Tiger Sighting”.

However, since the last few years, this practice has now been banned & discontinued.

Unspoiled Wilderness

Tourists interested for an elephant “Joy Ride” can connect with the respective forest department officials & subject to availability of elephants, avail the same.

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Kanha.


Guests can spurge on the following activities when at Kanha National Park –

  • Jeep Safari
  • Nature walk in buffer zone
  • Night safari
  • Visit Sunset Point
  • Picnic at Gidli Gubra waterfall
  • Visit the local market for local craft
  • Explore the Wildlife Richness in Kanha Museum
  • Witness the Beauty of the Kawardha Palace
  • Visit Narmada ghat in Mandla
  • Visit Ramnagar Fort
  • The Medicinal Plant Garden
  • Phen Sanctuary

kanha museum

While availing a jungle safari in the Kanha zone, don’t miss the Kanha museum. The museum holds fantastic treasures of natural history. It gives one a view point of this magnificent tiger reserve, its contours, topography and wildlife diversity as well as crucial information on conservation.

know before you travel

Tourists interested for an elephant “Joy Ride” can connect with the respective forest department officials & subject to availability of elephants, avail the same.
Besides the tiger, there are a plethora of other tourist attractions in Kanha National Park.
The park authorities are immensely proud of the presence as well as successful conservation of the Hard Ground Swamp Deer or Barasingha, endemic to Kanha.
Merely a few decades back, the Barasingha population in park was precariously low and the species was close to extinction. But now, thanks to scientific conservation efforts, their numbers have now actually risen and many of them have been relocated successfully to the eastern Halon Valley of the park, which used to be their original habitat.
Barasinghas are now quiet commonly seen, especially in the Kanha zone which has many water bodies.
Likewise, keep a keen eye out for dholes or wild dogs. Slim, red and bushy-tailed, these are amongst the most feared savages in the jungle. Dholes chasing herds of spotted deer are a feast for the eyes in Kanha National Park.
A stay of 3-4 days is advisable to experience Kanha well.


The majority of India’s wildlife experience is centered on the tiger, and other unique experiences, specially bird watching, often gets overlooked. But don’t make the mistake in Kanha as there are as many as 300 bird species here, both resident and migratory. Shravan Tal is a beautiful water body where the possibilities of spotting birds are very high. Please note that you can’t get down from the safari vehicle in the core area of the park, but you can always stroll along trails in the buffer zone, with the assistance of your friendly tracker & guide.