A desire to visit Bhopal, one of the iconic cities in the Heartland of India can indeed reward you with a view of two cities in one. The place known as the land of lakes is split in two by a pair of lakes. However, the cities are completely in contrast with each other and visiting them would not be unlike having two different places on your itinerary of sites that must be visited.

The Northern part of the city is resplendent with mosques, colourful bazaars at every corner, havelis that are a tribute to the past, alleyways, chowks and people who are always milling around on the streets participating in the constant exchange of goods. On the other hand, the south of the city is more in tune with the modern world. This part of the city have wider roads, shopping malls, hotels and cafeterias catering to the urban crowd. The area overlooks the lakes and the older city, instilling a surreal vibe.

Madhya Pradesh is renowned worldwide for the plethora of activities that it has to offer along with the sites that draw tourists from all over. National parks in Madhya Pradesh hold a particular interest for the due to the exciting safaris that are designed to entertain the tourists giving them a view of the vast landscapes and the wildlife roaming around in their natural habitats. Make sure you schedule a day entirely for a visit at these elusive parks once you are done touring Bhopal in its entirety.

Take a look at a few of the things that Bhopal has to offer:

1. Sadar Manzil

The Sadar Manzil of the Shaukat Mahal displays a combination of Western as well as Asian styles of architecture that lend the building an atmospheric appeal, starkly different from the Islamic structures.

2. Moti Masjid

Established by Sikander Begum, this mosque built in the year 1860, is quite an important historical landmark amongst the Muslims in the city of Bhopal. It is all the more famous as it has an uncanny resemblance with the Jama Masjid, situated in Delhi.

3. Gauhar Mahal

Gauhar Mahal is one of the most important structures in Bhopal as it is built by the first Begum of Bhopal, Qudisiya Begum in the year 1860. The structure represents the architectural excellence of the craftsmen of a bygone era that still does not fail to instill awe amongst the architects of today.

4. Halali Dam

The dam is constructed over the Halali river which is a tributary of the Betwa river. The place is located around 47 kilometers from the state and moves toward Sanchi.

5. Zari Work

Bhopal is famous for the Zari work that is the renowned all over the world. From garments, bags, laptop sleeves, carpets, bed linen, curtains and more, Zari work dominates the alleyways and the shopping complexes of Bhopal.

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