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Madhya Pradesh offers captivating bespoke experiences for the intrepid traveler

Madhya Pradesh is the “Tiger & Leopard State of India” & host 6 National Parks & 25 Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Hosting 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites, magnificent Forts and exquisite Palaces & Temples and remarkable historical monuments, Madhya Pradesh is a feast for the eyes for the connoisseurs of History & Art.

Two Jyotirlingas & the origin of the Holy river Narmada makes Madhya Pradesh a must visit for the spiritually minded.


This tour is multi faceted as it offers the verticals of wildlife as well as ending the tour in revitalized way.

From the inspiring love legends of Mandu to the formidable regality of Gwalior, from the civilization testimonies of Bhimbetka to the architectural eroticism of Khajuraho, from the spiritual mysticism of Omkareshwar and Chitrakoot to the unblemished biodiversity of the national parks at Kanha and Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh is a microcosm of “Incredible India”.

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Sanjay Dubri, Bandhavgarh, Kanha & Pachmarhi Tour Itinerary

2N Sanjay Dubri | 2N Bandhavgarh | 2N Kanha | 2N Pachmarhi

Meet and greet with our representative at Satna railway station. .

Board our vehicle & proceed for Parsili ( Sanjay Dubri National Park –  140 kms | 3.5 hrs drive ).

Arrive Sanjay Dubri, c/in at your resort & the day at leisure.

Away from all the hustle bustle, in the midst of scenic nature, lies the serene town of Parsili. The beautiful Banas river flowing alongside. One of the most stunning highlights of this place is the soft and moist sand bed which stretches across 4 km. Trekking barefoot on this natural carpet is an experience so calming, it will stay with you forever.

Home to many exotic and elusive species of birds, Parsili is a paradise for the bird lovers. Not only this, there is more for the wildlife enthusiasts, as the Sanjay-Dubri National Park is located at a distance of just 10 km from Parsili.

Parsili will take you closer to the beauty of nature, while taking you back to moments of child-like joy !

Later in the day, take a walk beside the Banas river. Walking bare foot on the crystalline sands is an unforgettable experience all together.       

Overnight Sanjay Dubri National Park.

Enjoy your morning & afternoon excursion at Sanjay Dubri National Park. We pick & drop you from your resort after the excursion.

There are a plenty of reasons which makes the Sanjay National Park one of the supreme wildlife stopping destinations in Central India. Its assortment of flora is pervasive among nature and biota enthusiasts. This wildlife utopia is a part of the Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve, which is known for its rare and exquisite genera of flora and fauna.

The untapped wildlife heaven, Sanjay National Park, and Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary fall in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. They together cover 831 km of area. Also, the forest is popular for its rich biodiversity and dense plantation of Sal and Bamboo trees which makes it one of the impeccable habitats for animals like tiger, deer, sambar, wild dogs, leopard, nilgai, chinkara, hyena, etc.

Formed in 1975 under wildlife protection act of 1972, the green estate features sharp cliffs, water bodies, valleys, hills, deep canyons. The Guru Ghasidas National Park, which is situated in Chhattisgarh, shares its jungle with Sanjay National Park. Furthermore, the park comprises of various rivers and ponds that assists the birds and animals with water.

Come experience the rich wildlife and biodiversity of the Sanjay Dubri National Park!

Overnight Sanjay Dubri National Park.

Have an early breakfast, board our vehicle & proceed for Bandhavgarh National Park ( 100 kms | 2 hrs drive ).

Arrive Bandhavgarh National Park, c/In at your resort & the day at leisure.

Enjoy your afternoon excursion at Bandhavgarh National Park. We pick & drop you from your resort for the excursion.

Bandhavgarh is a place of mythological and legendary significance. The ancient Bandhavgarh Fort is of great importance as it is believed to have been gifted by Lord Rama to his younger brother Lakshmana. ‘Bandhav’ in English means brother and ‘Garh’ means fort. Hence the name, Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh dates back to 2000 years ago and you will find several man made caves with inscriptions and rock paintings.

Bandhavgarh is also the land of tigers. This is the place to visit if you want to spot the big cat. India’s top dwelling for tigers, Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest density of Royal Bengal tigers in the world. The sight of the majestic tiger, up close and personal, is said to trigger a sense of awe in you, of the kinds you would have only experienced in your childhood.

Overnight Bandhavgarh National Park.

Enjoy your morning & afternoon excursion at Bandhavgarh National Park. We pick & drop you from your resort for the excursion.

Rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight Bandhavgarh National Park.

Post breakfast, c/out & proceed for Kanha National Park ( 240 kms | 5 hrs drive ).

Arrive Kanha National Park & the day at leisure.

Overnight Kanha National Park.

Enjoy your morning & afternoon excursion at Kanha National Park. We pick & drop you from your resort after the excursion.

Kanha National Park is  the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh & a feast for the eyes for wildlife enthusiasts.

An epitome of conservation,successful rehabilitation of the Hard ground Swamp Deer ( Barasingha ) speaks about the dedication & efforts of the forest dept as well as the local population.

It is also the first tiger reserve in India to officially introduce a mascot, “Bhoorsingh the Barasingha”.

Overnight Kanha National Park.

Post breakfast, c/out & proceed for Pachmarhi ( 310 kms | 6.5 hrs drive ).

On the way, get refreshed at the MP Tourism Mid Way restaurant at Matkuli & also enjoy a scenic view of the Pachmarhi hills from “View Point”.

Arrive Pachmarhi, c/in at your resort & the day at leisure.

Overnight Pachmarhi.

After a refreshing breakfast, hop in our customized 4×4 all terrain vehicle to explore Pachmarhi.

Situated at 1100 m, Pachmarhi, designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is also popularly known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’ (Queen of Satpura), sits beautifully, embellished by nature and history, amidst the Satpura range. Legend says the Pandava brothers visited Pachmarhi during their exile.

This beautiful region in the hills, was discovered by Captain James Forsyth in 1857. This most popular hill station of Madhya Pradesh is a treasure with ancient caves of the Buddhist era residing in harmony with serene waterfalls.

Pachmarhi is sure to make you feel calm, the way you felt when you put your bare feet on the garden grass for the first time, as a child.

Overnight Pachmarhi.

Post b’fast, we drop you at Pipariya railway station ( 50 kms | 1.2 hrs drive ) to catch your flight for home feeling contented about a memorable holiday spend at “Madhya Pradesh : The Heart of Incredible India”.