Khajuraho, recognised far and wide as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a land where art merges with history seamlessly. Located in the Chhatarpur district, the place has been the home of Chandela Rajput kings who are instrumental in building a total of 85 temples of breathtaking beauty around a thousand years ago.

The Heart of Incredible India has much to offer in terms of vast stretches of lush green grasslands which make for a safe haven for the wildlife, historical sites that are sure to take you back to a revered past, temple towns and much more. There indeed is a colourful vibrancy in the air of the state of Madhya Pradesh that makes it all the more endearing for travellers from all over the world.

Khajuraho is one such offering of MP that display the grandeur of glorious centuries along with the necessities of the modern period. The intricately carved and brilliantly constructed temples that have stood the ravages of time are a testament to the incredible craftsmanship. The temples are a backdrop to the beautiful carvings and are the reasons that attract a multitude of travellers. These temples are segregated into three wings, the Eastern, Western and Southern, of which the western group stands out the most.

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Built in the years 1025 and 1050, it is the largest amongst the Western group of temples. With 872 statues, each a metre high, this Shiva Temple presents the perfect picture of grandiose.

Devi Jagadambe Temple

Located north of the Kandariya Mahadev Temple, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The intricate designs of the erotic carvings and paintings are a sight to behold for globe trotters.

Chaunsat Yogini

Surrounded by an open courtyard along the banks of Shivsagar Lake, the granite temple houses the 64 manifestations of the Mother Goddess.

Chitragupta Temple

The temple is a place for offering prayers to the Sun God and Lord Vishnu. The pieces of work that stand out apart from the carvings depicting dances and hunts are the ten-headed Vishu idol and a huge chariot of the Sun God.

The Light And Sound Show

Another popular tourist attraction of Khajuraho is undeniably The Light And Sound Show. The show is amongst one of the many efforts taken by Madhya Pradesh tourism to promote the legendary tales of the royal dynasty that the lands were once a home to. The show which is a spectacle of light and sound, spans 55 minutes and takes place every day on the gardens of the Western Wing. What makes this show about the historical instances of the state’s past and the events that led to the construction of the temples, the most sought after amongst the tourists is the narrator of the show, veteran actor, Amitabh Bachhan.

Places To Visit Near Khajuraho


While you are on your way to the hallowed town of Khajuraho, do stop by and pay a visit to Orchha. The place too has its share of exquisite temples and monuments, among which the Phool Bagh, Raj Mahal, Chhatris (cenotaphs), Raj Parveen Mahal, Dinman Hardaul’s Palace are some of the most eminent sites that demand a visit.

Panna And Bandhavgarh National Park

There is no dearth of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in and around Madhya Pradesh. One of the reasons that the Madhya Pradesh tourism is such a booming industry is due to the abundance of these reserves. These provide for a safe and sustainable environments for tigers, leopards, sloth bears, deer, Asiatic jackals, numerous species of birds to roam around freely. Appoint a day to spend amongst the creatures of Nature and from the safe confines of a Safari Jeep.

Reach The Place With Considerable Ease

Khajuraho is well connected and can be reached with ease no matter the mode of transport. The Khajuraho Airport is nearly a couple kilometres away from the main city square and is well connected to all the metropolitan cities. The nearest railway stations are Jhansi and Satna while it can also be reached by road from Jhansi, Orchha, Jabalpur, Panna And Satna.

The trains that can be availed are Khajuraho-Kanpur Passenger, Khajuraho-Jhansi Passenger, Khajuraho-Udaipur Passenger, Khajuraho-Bhopal Passenger, Khajuraho-Mahoba Passenger amongst the many others.

Jet Airways and Air India are amongst the popular airlines that provide flights at frequent intervals to reach Khajuraho and these are HJR-AGR(Agra), HJR-AMD(Ahmedabad), HJR-LKO(Lucknow), HJR-VNS(Varanasi), HJR-DEL(Delhi).

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Come, have yourself a trip of a lifetime.