Best Places to stay in Jabalpur

MP Tourism hosts Kalchuri Residency, a deluxe category hotel, close to the railway station & on the route to the airport.
Premium hotels like Vijan Mahal, Narmada Jackson, Satya Ashoka and Gulzar offers rich ambience to the guest.
Hotel Polo Max is located in the railway station premises, just outside platform no 6.
Many other deluxe and budget hotels are also available.
Our recommendations :
• Stay at Maikal Resort, Bargi ( a MP Tourism property )
• Stay at Motel Marble Rocks, Bheraghat ( a MP Tourism property )

About Jabalpur

The Gateway to Madhya Pradesh's National Parks

Under the brightly lit moon, 100 feet tall mountains of marble change forms as the river Narmada passes through it. This view is so scenic that it stays with you for long. But this is just one of the many gifts that Jabalpur offers.

Here you will enjoy the privilege to experience surreal spectacles of nature romance man’s endeavor to carefully preserve the breath-taking imperial history. No wonder it has been a witness to some of the greatest episodes written by history, folklore and mother nature.

Jabalpur is sure to amaze you, whichever direction you turn to, reminiscent of your trips to fun-fairs as a child.

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