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Madhya Pradesh Tourism ( MPSTDC ) operates Highway Treat, Bhimbetka for tourists to stay. It has 3 AC rooms.
Since Bhimbetka is only 50 kms from Bhopal, it is recommended to plan any one of the mentioned itineraries to stay overnight while visiting Bhimbhetka.

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Day Trip from Bhopal - Bhojpur + Bhimbetka

As a day trip from Bhopal, club it with Bhojpur. Plan to have lunch at Highway Treat, Bhimbetka. Overnight stay at Bhopal

Bhojpur + Bhimbetka + Sanchi

Bhimbetka/Bhojpur and then proceed to Sanchi for a night stay. Ensure to reach Sanchi before dusk so as not to miss the Light & Sound show at Sanchi. Overnight stay at Sanchi.

Bhimbetka + Satpura + Pachmarhi

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters and proceed to Satpura National Park ( Madhai ) for night stay. Later from Madhai, Pachmarhi can be planned. Overnight stay at Satpura National Park ( Madhai ).

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