Located in the district of Hoshangabad, Panchmarhi is an exclusive gem of Madhya Pradesh that can be found tucked in the Satpura ranges. This pristine peace of land is also known as the the “Satpura Ki Rani” as it is the crowning jewel of the region. Expect to be bowled over by the beauty that the place exudes and be assured that a single visit would definitely not do the place any justice. Away from the chaotic everyday life and the constant bustle, the hills in Panchmarhi indeed offer a welcome respite from the daily struggles. The land is also considered a holy pilgrimmage site as it is believed that the Pandava brothers (from the epic tale of Mahabharata) had spent part of their years in exile here.

MP tourism packages stress on the importance of visiting these tranquil lands that are cut-off from the urban civilisation. The tourism department had undertaken painstaking methods  to build tracks that carry visitors through the dense forests of bamboo and sal forests. The land of Panchmarhi that sits at a height of 1100 mts has been declared by the UNESCO a popular biosphere reserve for its rich flora and fauna. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to come out of these lands without being inspired and thankful for the bountiful nature that surrounds us.

Take a look at a few of the many offerings that Panchmarhi provides for the weary soul:

1. Chauragarh

It is located around 4kms away from the famous caves of Mahadev and is usually overshadowed by the might of the other touristy locations. The landmark is a beautiful place to be in and makes for quite an experience after a hectic day’s schedule.

2. Handi Kho

This is one of the many eye catching tourist locations that draw travellers from all over the world making them feast their eyes on the spectacle. Handi Kho is a gorge that is tapered that has extremely steep edges. It stands at a height of almost 300 feet and makes quite a sight for sore eyes.

3. Jatashankar

The place is another one of the many sacred caves present in Panchmarhi and is can be found situated under a huge but loose stone. “Jata” is Hindi implies the tangles of hair and the cave of Jatashankar is thus named because it has an uncanny resemblance to the tangles and knots present in Lord Shiva’s hair.

4. Apsara Vihar

In the mood for a round of picnic? Apasara Vihar has got you covered. The pool can be accessed from Jai Stambh. Although the pool is a shallow one it makes for quite an experience when you reach the place with you friends and family.

5. Pandava Caves

The Pandava Caves are arguably one of the most popular sites to visit, thanks to the legend of the brave Pandava brothers making the place their home during their years of exile. The caves are naturally made of sandstone and are now considered sacred. The site has been conserved as part of the heritage culture and steps are taken to safeguard it.

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