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    Aesthetically located in the central part of India, Madhya Pradesh inevitably inherited a cultural milieu that remains unmatched due to influences from its surrounding states.
    Madhya Pradesh proudly conserves its own inherent culture while at the same time radiating & reflecting the true essence of neighbouring states too.

    The place truly encompasses the beauty that people globally associate India with thanks to its towering architectural achievements and vast landscapes devoted to exotic flora. The temples of Khajuraho with its intricate carvings depicting scenes from a bygone era, the palatial buildings of Ujjain & Indore that reflect the royal dynasties of the families that resided there convey an otherworldly presence among the tourists that remains unmatched. The flora and rare fauna that constitute of a variety of wildlife are the other high points of this glorious state that attract visitors from all over the world.

    The spirituality that is expressed through the pilgrimage trips to Amarkantak, Maheshwar, Chitrakoot and the famous stupa of Sanchi is unparalleled and has successfully managed to present Madhya Pradesh as one of the most religiously rich places in India. From these wondrous places of religion, to places where you can unwind and be pleasantly taken aback by the works left behind by our ancestors, to numerous parks that have been an abode for endangered species of animals, there is no dearth of touristy places in MP to visit.
    However, apart from simply admiring the various sites that tour guides assign to the itinerary, the beauty of Madhya Pradesh can also be enjoyed actively by participating in the various sports and adventure rides that the place has to offer. Yes, jungle safari rides that promise a rendezvous with the national animal of India i.e. the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers is the most popular draw but we would also like to present to you some of the other thrilling activities that you can indulge in during the trip.

    Nature Walks and trekking allow you to experience the plethora of thrills that nature has to offer, first hand. Let your travel itinerary be filled with exciting spots to trek to along with all the safari rides and visits to scenic locations that would probably be done from within an automobile. Pachmarhi, Pench National Parks and trekking through the Satpura ranges offer quite a thrill. Notable tour guides would even insist that you forego the modern comforts and set out to explore the nooks and crannies of Madhya Pradesh on foot. From coming face to face with an exotic bird or crossing a river with the help of a stone bridge, you are guaranteed to quench the adventurous soul yet crave for more.

    River Rafting
    River Rafting in Orchha on the river Betwa is one of the most thrilling rides that the place has to offer. Tourism packages usually include 90 minutes to 3 hour packages where you can get glimpses of the serene Kanchana Ghat, Shiv Ghat and Note Ghat or can even choose to spend a few moments at each of these river banks if you so please. Enjoying breakfasts and other refreshments are part of these lucrative packages that ensure that the visitors enjoy themselves to the fullest.

    Rock Climbing
    Another one of the most popular recreational activities that are held outdoors, wearing harnesses and the necessary gear truly instil an adrenaline rush. Pachmarhi offers the ideal place for this activity due to its abundance of hills and mountains and the rocks that create a challenge for even the most experienced. For the faint hearted or the less experienced, artificial rock structures too offer a thrill with its imposing heights and footholds embedded on the surface for a better grip. Make sure you do not miss out on this exiting activity (that would surely test your indomitable spirit) once you visit the state.

    Do you fancy staying inside a tent and be surrounded by the wildlife? Delawadi Jungle Camp has just the solution for you as is staying in Udayagiri. From basking in the serene forests, indulging in star gazing at night and bird watching by day, it is a haven for trekkers. The lush greenery offers an experience that remains incomparable and would definitely rank as one of the most memorable activities long after the trip. Ditch the high end hotel rooms for a couple of days and wrap yourself within the rustic comforts that Mother Nature has to offer.

    The outdoor activities that can be participated in while on a trip to the Heartland of India make the long travels truly worthwhile. Tourist places in MP are countless and thus it is up to the travel operators and you to determine your priorities to get the most out of the trip.

    The team at i4u Travel Services provides you with the exact experience that you are looking for ensuring that your trip remains as hassle-free as ever.