About Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh combines scenic beauty, historicity and modern urban planning.

It is situated on the site of an 11th century city, Bhojapal , founded by Raja Bhoj. Bhopal today presents a multi-faceted profile, the old city with its teeming market places and fine old mosques and palaces still bear the aristocratic imprint of its former rulers, among them the succession of powerful Begums who ruled Bhopal from 1819 to 1926.

Equally impressive is the new city with its verdant, exquisitely laid out parks and gardens, broad avenues and streamlined modern edifices.

As interesting as the city itself is the story about how Bhopal got its name. The city was founded in the 11th century by the illustrious Paramara King of Malwa, Raja Bhoja.

The king was engaged in a fierce power struggle with his contemporaries – the Chalukyas, Chandelas and Kalchuris. He built a pala (dam) to secure his eastern frontiers. This led to the formation of the beautiful Bada Talab (Upper Lake). He then built a fort and laid the foundations of a city that was named Bhojpal, from King Bhoja’s pala. Over a period of time Bhojpal came to be known as Bhopal.

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Bhopal can be visited anytime during the year.

How to Reach Bhopal

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    Bhopal airport, about 13 km northwest of the city center, is well connected to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Raipur. Taxis are available from the airport to reach the city center.
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    Bhopal is on the Delhi-Chennai main line. Major trains going from Mumbai to Delhi via Itarsi and Jhansi also go through Bhopal. Local buses and auto-rickshaws are available to reach the city center.
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    Regular state run and private bus services connect Bhopal with Indore, Mandu, Ujjain, Khajuraho, Pachmarhi, Gwalior, Sanchi, Jabalpur and Shivpuri.

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