Madhya Pradesh, the Heartland of India, bound by states all around is a traveller’s delight. Though generally humid, it does get its fair share of monsoon showers during the months of June.Over the last few years the rainy days in Madhya Pradesh has greatly decreased but the intensity was uncompromised. It is usually during the more favourable weather conditions that tourists take to this alluring state but then they unfortunately miss out on the wonders that Madhya Pradesh unfurls during the monsoons.

Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh are plenty. There is no dearth of properties and historical sites and parks to marvel at yet the state remains kind of unexplored during the rainy seasons. The showers make the dense flora thrive with vitality, not to mention the Sal and Savannahs and the entire landscape that come into life as soon as the rains hit after a bout of uncomfortable humidity.

Rest assured that your visit to the heart of India during the seemingly turbulent season will be as fulfilling as you would expect it to be. Allow yourself to go the unconventional way and take a look at the places that stand out during the rains.


A pristine region located beneath the Satpura Mountain Ranges, Pachmarhi is truly a gem of Madhya Pradesh that is steeped in mythology. Pachmarhi is known for its flora and fauna and has even made a name for itself in UNESCO’s list of Biosphere Reserves. The land formerly governed by Victorian traditions is also home to the famed Satpura National Park and is an ideal place to unwind and take in all that the place has to offer. Pachmarhi is ideally a hill station with Priyadarshini Point serving as its vantage point. Lanjee Giri, Rajat Pratap, Pandava Caves are other such tourist spots among numerous others in Pachmarhi that can be visited during the monsoons to quench your thirst for adventure.


Mandu,the name itself steeps in music, poetry, romance, war and death. Mandu,still live by the love story of  Baz Bahadur & Rani Roopmati offers a dream setting for those with an affinity for history. Mandu has natural defences all around it and is built at an altitude of 2,000 feet along the Vindhya ranges. With a plethora of forts, castles, pavilions, exquisite baths, Mandu is evidence of the rich and royal culture of its past inhabitants. The place allows a peak into a time that can only be experienced through stories and emits a surreal kind of charm during the heavy showers what with the sprawling Hindola and Jahaz Mahals and the splendid architectures that continue to serve as an inspiration.


Built on the banks of river Betwa, Orchha exhibits an old world charm. Numerous temples, shrines, palaces and cenotaphs populate the area making it one of the most sought after places for tourists to visit. Ram Raja temple, a place known to have many mythological tales attached to it and the famous Jehangir Mahal which is said to be modelled on Agra’s Hamam Saras are some of the most visited places. While the latter boasts of majestic pavilions and complex architecture, Ram Raja temple is situated near the Tehkhana which was the summer retreat of the kings of Orchha. The speciality of this secluded place is presence of two wind catching towers or Dastagiris that had an inbuilt Persian cooling unit. Dinman Hardaul’s Palace, Raj Parveen Mahal,the Orchha sanctuary -that is a delight for the lover of flora and fauna and other splendid structures turn Orchha into a stunning spectacle, especially in the monsoons.

Needless to mention, the adventure junkies will also get a rush of adrenaline with the exciting rafting excursions on the Betwa, an exclusive activity in Orchha.

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