From a rich cultural heritage to vast expanses of land dedicated to flora and exotic wildlife, Madhya Pradesh, quite literally, the heartland of India is a traveller’s delight. Places of historical significance, religious sites and caves and the sheer beauty of the place ensure that it is frequented by visitors throughout the year.

Planning a trip to this bountiful land does not seem like a chore as there are places aplenty that would fill your itinerary in no time. Interconnectivity between these tourist spots and easy conveyance from airports and railway stations are added advantages that visitors are blessed with. Though the most popular activity that is synonymous to a visit to Madhya Pradesh is Jungle Safari, you would definitely miss out on a whole lot of adventures if you choose to only stick to cruising through the parks.

Madhya Pradesh is home to a multiple national parks that shelter a host of exotic wildlife in the form of carnivorous and herbivorous animals, endangered birds and even wild blooms that are rarely spotted elsewhere. The mighty Royal Bengal Tigers, the pride of our country is found in abundance at both the Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park. Aside from these immensely popular sites, Pench, Panna,Satpura,Sanjay, Madhav, VanVihar and Fossil national parks are inhabited by a wide variety of endangered species. The Nilgai, Barking Deer, Porcupines, Wild Boars, Civet, a plethora of reptiles in the form of Monitor Lizards, Bengal Lizards, vipers and cobra play a key role in promoting the tourism market in Madhya Pradesh by attracting wildlife enthusiasts from all across the globe.

Cities of considerable historical heritage and religious sites usually come next on a traveller’s itinerary. Madhya Pradesh does not disappoint in this regard as well. These areas remain even more populated with visitors as the state boasts of many a place that was fabled to have made an appearance in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. From the dense forests in Chitrakoot, steeped in mythology, to the awe inspiring temples of Maheshwar, Omkareshwar which houses one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines and the famous Sanchi Stupa; there is indeed no dearth of places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

Sticking to your travelling schedule though is not always a necessity. It might so happen that you do not prefer visiting the religious sites and history does not tempt you as much as being able to wander off on your own. Madhya Pradesh makes sure that your sense of wonderment and the thirst to observe is adequately quenched. Away from the bustling, chaotic cities, the scenic natural landscapes, mighty mountains and rivers that instil serenity, there are numerous such pockets of beauty that you can explore. Be prepared to indulge in the unique culture that Bhopal and Indore has to offer with their remarkable cuisine and individual language, and the tranquil biosphere reserves along with plenty of waterfalls and hills in the midst of Jabalpur and Panchamarhi.

To put it simply, Madhya Pradesh will succeed in reinstiling your lost love for Mother Nature.
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