India has been(and still is) a glorious treasure not only to the British but also to the Indians as well. Even in the erstwhile times, India has never failed to supply rich resources or awe its visitors with its stupendous beauty. Till date, the numerous states that altogether comprise India, attract the attention of people from all over the world. Each state is notable for some unique specialties. In this respect, the state that is also called the ‘heart of India’ or ‘Hindustan ka dil’, Madhya Pradesh, forms one of the most-visited states in India every year. Just like the heart is the blood-supplier to the entire body, similarly, Madhya Pradesh(Madhya meaning center) gives life to the whole of India. In the bygone times, Madhya Pradesh has played an important role in history and still has traces of remnants lying here and there. This has made Madhya Pradesh tourism a thriving factor in this state.

In 2019, there are a few places where the footfalls of the tourists are higher compared to the other years. So if you are a wanderlust by nature, and don’t know yet about the MP places you should visit in 2019, here is a list that you must go through:

1. Gwalior- This is one of the most popular historical cities and it takes only two hours from Agra to reach here. The city is replete with tall forts and towers that bring back the memories of the erstwhile times. There is one fort that is situated atop a hill and looks over the entire city. Once you reach the top, you will be able to view Gwalior in its entirety. This fort is considered to be one of the most invincible ones among the forts of India. Besides, the city is also a treasure house of art and other architecture and these make Gwalior ideal for Madhya Pradesh sightseeing tour. The other major tourist attractions include Tome of Tansen, Man Singh Palace, Sasbahu Temples and Teli ka Mandir.

2. Khajuraho temples- These group of temples are regarded as one of the finest specimens of Indian architecture. Altogether there are 22 temples that grab the attention of tourists from all over the world. These temples are festooned with erotic sculptures and intricate carvings that symbolize life, love and worship. Other temples that are major crowd puller are Vishvanath temple, Duladeo temple, Vamana temple, Lakshman Temple and the list is endless!

3. Kanha National Park- Madhya Pradesh is not only a state of historical and spiritual places, but there are also abundant locations to catch the glimpse of wildlife too. Kanha National Park tops this list and surprisingly, Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’ is said to have been inspired from here! And on visiting this park, you will get all your answers too. People come here to sight tigers, Blackbuck and peacocks in large numbers. Barasingha and the sunset point are the other attractions that draw a large number of tourists every year.

4. Bandhavgarh National Park- This park is a popular tourist attraction for its large number of tigers. Surrounded with lush green valleys and rocky terrain, this 446 sq km wildlife reserve is also home to numerous exotic species of birds, aquatic animals and mammals. An elephant or jeep safari ride to this place will ensure you have the best thrilling experience ever for you never know which animal comes knocking at your door!

Conclusion- So if you are already excited to visit Madhya Pradesh and have fun by going back to the past times or have an exciting adventure in the midst of wildlife, all you need to do is select the right MP travel packages that will help you to get the best of Madhya Pradesh.