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Madhya Pradesh Tourism Guide.

Madhya Pradesh can be said to be the microcosm of India, for the land reflects the glory of India in many ways. These can be related to the architectural grandeur of it’s palaces, temples and mosques, the natural beauty surrounding the Vindhyas and other regions, the major tourism cities of Madhya Pradesh like the prehistoric art of Bhimbhetka, the piligrimage centres of Amarkantak, Chitrakoot and Ujjain and the adventure trail of the national parks like Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna and Satpura, to name a few.

Tourism in Madhya Pradesh is enchanting & a MP Tour is incomplete without visiting any of the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh.

This multi dimensional verticals of tourism offers Top Tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh.

For those with a spiritual bend of mind, and in the quest for peace and tranquility, the land of Sanchi, a UNESCO World Heritage site can be an added attraction in Madhya Pradesh tourism circuit.

Madhya Pradesh boasts to be the cradle of three UNESCO World Heritage sites namely Khajuraho, Sanchi and Bhimbhetka.

Check out the Best Tour Packages for Madhya Pradesh with the Best Tour Itinerary for MP.

This website, https://www.i4utravels.com is a guide to MP Tourism as i4u Travel Services is a recognized Travel Agency for MP Tourism.

Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation ( MPSTDC ) is the parent body of Government of Madhya Pradesh which takes care and caters to all the tourism dimensions of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism or MPSTDC officially came into existence in 2017, with a focused objective to promote and enrich the diverse tourism verticals of Madhya Pradesh.

Development of tourism with public and private partnership in a responsible and sustainable manner, investor facilitation, skill development and involving the local population, publicity and promotion of tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh in the national and international arenas, identification and development of tourism infrastructure are the core objectives of the board.

The last few years has seen significant development in the tourism infrastructure and the Government of Madhya Pradesh is committed to do all necessary so as to position the state as a leading tourism state of the country and attract tourists to Madhya Pradesh not only from India but also from across the globe.

MP Tourism is the leading body offering the Best Hotels & Resorts to stay in Madhya Pradesh.

During 2017, the gross foreign tourist footfalls in the state reached around 0.36 million while domestic tourist arrivals stood at 78.04 million.

As per budget 2018-19, the state government has proposed an allocation of US$ 36.84 million for the development of the state’s tourism department.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism operates various resorts, hotels, home stays at most of the strategic tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism offers a wide variety of accommodations to suit the taste and budget of a tourist travelling to Madhya Pradesh. No matter, wherever one travels in Madhya Pradesh, you will find a Madhya Pradesh Tourism hotel or resort strategically located and offering the finest hospitality and best ambience.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism offers it’s finest accommodations at each and every place of tourist interest in the state.
Amongst the wildlife sector in Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Tourism has three hotels in Kanha National Park, namely , Bandhavgarh has White Tiger Forest Lodge, Pench has Kipling Court and Satpura National Park has Bison Resort, an excellent river facing property.

Heritage resorts offered by Madhya Pradesh Tourism are Sheesh Mahal, Orchha and Kila Kothi in Chanderi, to name a few.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism has 12 hotels in Pachmarhi, the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh for tourists to stay while in Pachmarhi.

For a change, houseboats and Ac rooms are available in Maikal Resort, Bargi, Hanuwantiya and Sailani Island Resort.
Madhya Pradesh Tourism also hosts the annual Jal Mahotsav festival in Hanuwantiya.

Popular MP Tours now involve spending a day or two at Bheraghat or Sailani Island when visiting the Best Places of MP.

To move across the state, Madhya Pradesh Tourism has undertaken an innovative initiative by showcasing caravan tourism which lets tourists travel across the state in a luxurious manner. Madhya Pradesh Tourism offers two variants of caravan – Luxury and Delux.

The luxury caravan has a capacity of 8 adults and has a studio style aircon bedroom with eight convertible sofa cum bed, spacious wash rooms, two LCD TV’s, a home theater, microwave oven and a refrigerator. It also has a wifi connectivity and a locker for safety purposes.

The deluxe caravan can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children with four convertible sofa cum bed along with the other facilities.

All other requirements of transportations are also provided by Madhya Pradesh Tourism through it’s recognized travel agents.

Madhya Pradesh has won the Best Tourism State National award for three consecutive years, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation ( MPSTDC ) is committed to significantly upgrade the tourism infrastructure for Madhya Pradesh inviting and facilitating investments in both private and public sector.

Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation ( MPSTDC ) is constructing more than 300 wayside amenities like restaurants, restrooms, parks which will be handed over to private players thus encouraging local employment too.

To give tourists a pure feeling of the state, developing rural tourism around the national parks and heritage sites are included in the expansion plan.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism had adopted the tagline –

God made Madhya Pradesh beautiful, we made it comfortable”.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism has a tourist helpline number – 18002337777.

The national tourist helpline number is 1800111363 ( short code 1363 ) which is supported by 12 languages like English, Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin ( Chinese ), Portuguese and Russian.

So if you are planning to visit Madhya Pradesh, now or later, get ready to be welcomes by a plethora of tourist attractions with amply developed infrastructure. Connect with i4u Travel Services, your MP Tourism Guide to design an itinerary for Madhya Pardesh tour plan.

You can download the attached MP Tourism map to have a better idea of the tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh & accessibility.

Contact details for MP Tourism :

MPT Hotels & Resorts Toll Free No (8AM to 8PM ) : 1800-233-7777 (24*7)
Mail Id : touristhelpline@mptourism.com

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board,
6th Floor, Lily Trade Wing (above D Mart),
Jehangirabad, Bhopal – 462008
Phone Number – 0755-2550588

MP Tourism
Paryatan Bhawan
South Civil Lines

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