Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park is located in Shivpuri district in the northwestern region of Madhya Pradesh. Shivpuri District enjoys royal history and it was once a summer capital for the Scindia’s,the earstwhile rulers of Gwalior.

For the Mughal rulers, the dense forests of Madhav National Park were once the hunting ground. In 1564, Akbar seized herds of elephants while coming back from Mandu. Madhav National Park features large terrain of flat grasslands and forested hills along the lake. The national park enjoys rich biodiversity. Established in 1959, Madhav National Park, Shivpuri is spread across a total land area of 354 sq. km. It remains open all the year round. The forest in the park remains mixed, dry and deciduous with varied wooded terrains. Around the lake, the grasslands and plains provide ample chances for wildlife sightings. The majorspecies of trees are Salai, Khair, Kerdhai, Dhawda, Palash and Tendu.

Flora & Fauna in Madhav National Park

The largest wildlife species inhibiting Madhav National Park are the beautiful little Chinkara, Chital and the Indian gazelle. They can be sighted with ease. Other species living in the park are sambar, Nilgai, four horned antelope, sloth bear, black buck, langur. Some other wild species occasionally found are striped hyena, tigers, jackal, chital, jungle cat, wild boar, gazelle, chinkara, crocodiles and more.

Madhav National Park in Madhya Pradesh is abundantly rich in bird species. Chanpatha is a manmade lake and a winter heaven for pochard, migratory geese, teal, pintail, gadwall and mallard. Some of the frequently spotted species are red-wattle lapwing, Indian pond heron, large pied wagtail and kingfisher. The avifauna of the park also features painted stork, cormorant, laggar falcon, white ibis, purple sunbird, golden oriole and Asian flycatcher.


All the National Parks of MP remain closed from 1st July till 30th Sept or as reviewed & declared by the Forest dept.

Climate & best time to visit Madhav National Park

Each & every season offers a unique experience.

Winters are extremely chilly in this part & the temperature can fall upto 1°c.

In summers,the temperature can shoot upto 42°c.

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