India is a land of rich culture and diversity. People of every culture, religion and community resides peacefully in this land. Since cultural diversity is the main characteristic of this beautiful country, the celebration of every festival happens in the most spectacular way.

On 26th January every year, the Lokrang festival is celebrated in Lokrang, Bhopal. It is a five-day long long festival held in the ‘city of lakes’(Bhopal), in which the Madhya Pradesh Adivasi Lok Kala Academy organizes a grand celebration at the Ravindra Bhavan’s open air auditorium. This festival is celebrated not only to honour the Folk and Tribal dance forms but also to prove that India is truly incredible in terms of diversity. The Lokrang festival is witnessed by people from all over the world. You too can contact your tour operators in Madhya Pradesh and enjoy this colorful and culturally rich festival.

Read on to know some interesting facts of Lokrang festival of Madhya Pradesh


1. This festival is celebrated for continuous five days.

2. Many entertainment programs are arranged that revolve around the performance of various dramas, dance forms, art, music and many more.

3. Another objective to have a grand celebration of this festival is to pay tribute to ancient cultures that define India.

4. The purpose behind the celebration of these ancient cultures is to still have the flame of culture burning brightly. These cultures are unique in its own way and also forms an important constituent of the Indian community.

5. Thus remembering these cultures every year through celebration is the only way to remind people about their own culture and heritage.

6. Dance performance forms an essential part of this festival. It beautifully upholds the picture of India and highlights the various heritage cultures of India.

7. Every year, this festival emphasizes on a particular dance form from India; sometimes it is the West Indian dance forms like those of Tarangmel dance of Goa that is popular for its youthfulness and energetic vibes, Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan, Nati of Himachal Pradesh, Bhangra of Punjab and many more.

8. The colourful clothing worn by the dancers creates an exhilarating visual treat for the spectators. It looks like a harmonious blending of colours that represent various parts of India.

9. Also, tribal dances are performed to portray Indian heritage and culture. Among the most popular dance forms, some of them are Kathi dance of West Bengal, Lota dance of Madhya Pradesh and many more.

10. Another aim to celebrate Lokrang festival is to eliminate the differentiation among people of India, on the basis of geographical area, religion, caste and colour and to instil a spirit of unity and brotherhood among the people.

11. The main theme is selected every year that focuses on the cultures that are on the verge of extinction.

12. The main theme can pertain to the South Indian cultures or traditions while it may also revere the cultural traditions of Jammu & Kashmir or any other state.

Conclusion- Madhya Pradesh truly defines the festive fervour that runs through the veins of every Indian. Being bordered by five states, Madhya Pradesh has an amalgamation of the different cultures and traditions imbibed from these states. Although it is a mixture of different cultural traditions, Madhya Pradesh never fails to maintain its own identity. Apart from celebrating the major festivals of India like Holi, Id and Diwali, the state also proves to be enthusiastic about its regional festivals and occasions like Kumbh Mela, Lokranjan, Pachmarhi Utsav and the list is endless.