Once you step foot in Khajuraho, you will be mesmerized by the stunning beauty of this old city. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Khajuraho has become one of the tourist hotspots not only in the state of Madhya Pradesh but also in the entire world. Recognized for its unparalleled beauty and a serene setting, this town seems to be stuck in time, radiating the old world magnificence through its finest depiction of art and culture.

The soul-stirring exploration one undergoes in Khajuraho can hardly be expressed in words. Be it the temple complexes or the forts, Khajuraho has a mix of a wide range of attractions. If you are planning to visit the town to soak in in its wonder, then there are certain places you must absolutely visit. These have been summarized here for your reference.

The Western Temples

The fascinating collection of temples in the western part of the city is amongst the most-visited in Khajuraho. The temple complexes reflect the fine architecture and showcase impressive sculptures. Kandariya Mahadeo, Matangeshwar Temple, Lakshmana Temple, Chausath Yogini Temple, Varaha Temple, Jagadambi Temple, Chitragupta Temple and Vishwanath Temple are some of the magnificent structures in the western group of temples. The intricate detailing as carved on the temple walls showcases the brilliance of the artisans. Each of the temples is dedicated to different Hindu deities, rendering these an ideal destination for pilgrims.

The Eastern Temples

Smaller than the western complex, the eastern side of the town showcases another set of stunning temples. Beautiful and adorned with delicate structures, the eastern group of temples include Adinath Temple, Parsvanath Temple, Hanuman Temple, Vamana Temple, Ghantai Temple, Brahma Temple and Javari Temple. The artwork on these temples is complex yet alluring, mesmerizing the visitors beyond words. If you want to admire true medieval architecture that showcases the brilliance of the Indian craftsmen, these temples stand testimony to it.

Panna National Park

Located just 40 minutes away from the main town of Khajuraho, Panna National Park is a tiger reserve and a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts. From leopards to wolves, hyena to other exotic species, the Panna National Park is beautiful with its serene setting. To add to its enigmatic appeal, River Ken flows through the park, where you can go for a boat safari. You can go on a safari in the park and witness wildlife like never before.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Another tourist attraction that appeals to the nature lovers is the Ken Gharial Sanctuary. 5 km from Raneh Falls, this hotspot has a collection of the endangered species, gharial. Due to its close proximity with the Panna National Park, there is a similarity in the landscape. Walking through the park, you will come across tigers, wild boars, spotted deer, a large variety of birds and also the Shaheen Falcon. The pristine setting of the sanctuary provides a great place to explore nature and wildlife.

Raneh Falls

If you want to uplift your spirit with the sheer appeal of nature, then Raneh Falls is the place to be. Situated just 30 minutes from Khajuraho, the waterfall is the most stunning during the monsoon. The water gushes down in its full force, rendering a mind-blowing sight. To add to the charm of the falling water, the granite landscape makes a perfect background. The rocks imitate the shape of crystal towers due to the fine edges they have. When at Raneh Falls, you will rediscover nature in its most raw and rare form.

Archaeological Museum

A perfect place to learn about the history of the city and the rich heritage it showcases, the archaeological museum in Khajuraho has held on to time. Originally built in the year 1910 and reconstructed in 2016, the archaeological museum seeks to preserve the exquisite antiques which are priceless. Bearing witness to a huge collection of architectural ruins, sculptures and galleries that narrate information on Chandela history. This is a must-stop destination for all visitors to Khajuraho.

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