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The best way to explore Kanha National Park is by Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha National Park

Tiger Safari in Kanha National Park

The best way to explore Kanha National Park is by availing the jungle safari.

Kanha safari booking should be done well in advance as the permits are restricted. Kanha online booking is open 120 days in advance so its highly advisable to book at the earliest to get the best zones too.

Kanha National Park entry fee’s is Rs 1,550 for the permit, excluding gypsy & guide charges. The Kanha Safari booking charges has to be paid in advance and is cancellable, conditions apply. Kanha National Park safari charges also include pickup & drop from your resort. Kanha Jungle Safari rates is Rs 5,500 and may vary a bit depending on the resort or lodge location from where pickup & drop is facilitated.

Jungle Safari in Kanha National Park

Safari in Kanha National Park is bifurcated into 4 core & 4 buffer zones.

Kanha Zone

It’s a premium core zone. The topography is primarily meadows & lush green forest & has the largest collection of Sal tree’s. Kanha was the largest village & was relocated in 1972. The erstwhile farmlands are now meadows & is the primary habitat of Tigers, Barasingha ( Hard Ground Swamp Deer ) & the Indian Bisons ( Gaur). The forest department has an establishment inside Kanha zone known as “Centre Point” which has a museum & interpretation centre. Has a Barasingha & Black Buck enclosure to ensure conservation. Reports high sighting of tigers too.

Kisli Zone

This is a core zone & primarily dense moist deciduous forest & habitat of Indian Bison ( Gaur ) & wild dogs ( dholes ). Reports high sighting of tigers too.

Mukki Zone

This is a core zone & incorporates maximum numbers of river beds & hence, reports high sighting of tigers too. It’s a thick sal forest & has a tiger rescue camp located.

Sarhi Zone

This is a core zone & is predominantly foot hills It’s a perfect breeding ground for the sloth bears & blue bulls ( Nilgai ).

Core Zone

Buffer Zones

Phen zone : It’s a buffer zone & is 90 kms from Khatiya gate & 60 kms from Mukki gate. It has a dense topography & a vivid landscape. A relatively virgin territory, a must visit for tourists. Habitat of leopards, sloth bear & wild dogs.

Khatia zone : It’s a buffer zone & is adjacent to Kisli core.Has a good habitat of wildlife. Entry is from Khatia main gate.

Sijora zone : It’s a buffer zone & has a good herbivorous population.

Khapa zone : It’s a buffer zone & entry is from Mukki gate. Located adjacent to Mukki core, an excellent place to relish the flora & fauna of Kanha National Park.

Places to visit in Kanha National Park

Located 30 kms from Khatia gate, is a non scheduled forest & primary habitat of Indian Rock Pythons, mostly visible during winters.
Ajgar Dadar
Located 20 kms from Khatia gate, tourists can enjoy the small waterfall. We can arrange high tea as well as lunch here.
Gidli Gubra Waterfall

About Kanha Tourism

Best time to visit Kanha National Park

The Park remains closed from 1st of July to 30th of September each year. However, during this period, the buffer zones are open for tourism. Wildlife sighting is extremely high during summers whereas winters offer a spectacular view of the fog & mist settling on the meadows. The forest is also lush green during this period.

Safari permits for Kanha National Park

The permits which authorize a tourist to avail the safari’s are under the jurisdiction of the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh. There is also a restriction on the number of permits issued each day & each zone. Hence, they are very sought after & exhaust soon. It is advisable to plan the trip well in advance. i4u Travel Services assists & facilitates tourists in arranging the safari. We also offer pickup & drop from the resort for all the safari’s.

As an authorized GSA of Madhya Pradesh Tourism-MPSTDC, we offer three MPSTDC resorts at Kanha National Park for our guests : • Baghira Jungle Resort, Mocha • Kanha Safari Lodge, Mukki • Jungle Resort, Sarhi Apart from these, we also offer luxurious & premium accommodations like Taj Banjar Tola, Singinawa, Kanha Earth Lodge, to name a few as well as budget accommodations too at Kanha National Park. All our packages are inclusive of meal plan.
Accomodations at Kanha National Park
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