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sanjay dubri national park

Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve is wildlife paradise located in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. The National park was established in 1975. The world famous white tigers “MOHAN” was found and rescued from the forest of this landscape by Maharaja of Rewa in 1951. He was later reared in an enclosure in Govindgarh and bred to tigress Radha. She delivered first white tigers in captivity, and most of the white tigers present in the zoo across the world are their progeny only. In remembrance, one of the park Range has been named after this White Tiger, “Mohan”.

Now these beautiful Sal forests are not only home for Tigers and hundreds of other species of wild animals but they also form wildlife corridor, connecting Bandhavgarh and Palamau Tiger Reserve. Occasionally the wild elephants from neighboring Chhatisgarh area venture into the forests of tiger reserve for temporary shelter.

General information

Core: 812.581 Sq Km

Buffer: 861.93 Sq Km

Bagdara Scantuary: 478 Sq Km

Son Ghariyal: 209 Sq Km


Sanjay Dubri National Park has been bifurcated into two Zones, one in the core area ( critical Tiger habitat ) namely Dubri and the other one in buffer area of the Tiger Reserve adjoining the core, namely Koilary. When at Sanjay Dubri, do not miss the ‘Bare Foot Walk’ beside the Banas river at Parsili.

Rounds / Shifts

Daily there are two rounds of safari’s, the morning one from dawn to around 11.30 am & the noon one from 3 pm till dusk. The timings are rescheduled as per the season. Please be advised that there are no afternoon safari’s on Wednesday evenings & the day of Holi & Diwali, the Park remains restricted for tourists.

the land of the white tigers

sanjay dubri national park


4x4 customized gypsies, pre registered with the Forest Department are used for the game drives.


It is mandatory to have a guide, registered with the Forest Department, during the excursions. The guides, although local, are well versed in the flora & fauna of the Park & showcase the Park aesthetically.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit the Reserve is from 1st Oct to 30 June.


Weather : The area experience tropical climate conditions with basic three main seasons which as winter, summer & monsoon. Winters starts from mid of October and lasts till mid of February, Winter can be sever during December to January as sometime mercury dips below 5 °C. Summers starts from mid of March and lasts till mid of June, the temperature within summers can be reach at the higher level of 42 to 44 °C. While the Monsoon brought the Rain in the area from July and showers continues to pour the water till the end of September to October.

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