Madhya Pradesh, known as the heartland of India, primarily because of its geographical location and rich cultural heritage, is renowned for its abundance of national parks.

These parks thrive in both wildlife and flora that are unique to this part of India, attracting hundreds of tourists all year round. Located in the Umaria district and sprawled over an area of 446 sq kms, Bandhavgarh was awarded the status of a National Park in the year 1968.

Activities to Keep you Busy at the Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is an abode and a safe haven to not only tigers but also a large number of carnivorous and herbivorous animals and also a large number of reptiles and birds. The park is populated with visitors throughout the year as it has a high density of the mighty Royal Bengal Tigers and the guides assure a tiger sighting or two. The park divided into four zones namely, Magadhi, Tala, Khitauli and Panpatta houses around 55 tigers and is frequented by wildlife enthusiasts because of the high density of tigers and other endangered species.

If we rank the most popular activities at Bandhavgarh in order of preference, Jungle Safaris would win by a wide margin. i4u Travels ensures that your journey is as hassle free and satisfying as possible by taking care of not only the booking tickets and entry fee but would also help you with a proper guide, a spacious vehicle and an interpreter if required. The dense Sal and Savannahs are a safe haven for wildlife that are rarely seen. Although the visitors find even a single sighting of tiger quite exciting, the area is also inhabited by Spotted Deers, Barking Deers, Wild Boars and even Jackals.
A traveller’s delight, this national park has dense deciduous forests consisting of Sal, Bamboo and Jamun trees among many others. Bird Watching along with Tiger tracking is thus a favoured activity around these areas. Almost 250 bird species and 53 bird families, both local and migratory are spotted in and around the forests. Exotic birds like the Herons, Grebes, Eagrets, Storks and even Vultures are a common sighting.

The tours also include a quiet walk among the meadows and hills and allow participation in nature walks to nearby villages to better understand the culture of these regions.
The Best time to Visit the Place

The winter months are known to record the highest number of footfall but it is hard to state with certainty the perfect time to visit the park as each season offers a unique experience for the visitors. It is advisable to pre-book the tickets as they are almost always high in demand the whole year round irrespective of the season.

How do you Reach Bandhavgarh National Park

Getting to the place, availing services from reliable travel agents can also be managed effortlessly.
The nearest airport to Bandhavgarh is the Jabalpur Airport which is connected to Delhi and Mumbai Airports. The other option, though a little further away is the Khajuraho Airport. Taxi services are also provided from the airports that would drop you at nearby tourist locations.
As connectivity of buses is quite poor around these areas, taxi services, car hire services and conveyance through trains are the preferred way to travel. The nearest railway stations are the Umaria Station, Jabalpur Station and the Katni Railway Station. On reaching the station, taxis are once again the favoured mode of transport to reach the desired location.

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