Keeping up with the times can indeed be a stressful ask. Couple that with the constant struggle of meeting deadlines and a strife to race ahead of your competition and you have got yourself an anxiety riddled life. It is in these dire scenarios that a trip is always looked forward to.

Madhya Pradesh, known as the Heartland of India offers the perfect getaway that see to it that individuals get a taste of paradise, one that is completely cut off from the chaotic life that they lead. From the exotic flora and the multiple species of wildlife that dot the localities to the plethora of spiritual and historical places, the state has something on offer for every traveller.

Although the place is known for its abundance of greenery and its tiger conservation efforts, the old world charm of the place is indeed something to look forward to. It’s true that the national parks offer some of the most lucrative business in terms of tourism but the historical significance that the state is universally renowned for cannot be overlooked while setting out to tour the state. One such place of historical prominence is Jabalpur, a picturesque city located in the midst of Narmada Valley.

The very name of the city has historical and mythological connotations that establish the richness of the place. Some say the name originated from the word ‘Jabal’ which signifies boulders and that which the city is surrounded by while others claim that the name harks back to Rishi Jabali who spent a considerable amount of time meditating there. The city is frequented for its share of touristy attractions and following is a list of the same that should grace every travel itinerary:

Dhuadhar Falls

Located on the Narmada river in Bhedaghat, the Dhuadhar Falls are amongst some of the most beautiful waterfalls that you can feast your eyes on. The gushing water that seems to plunge deep into the river gives off a misty effect, corroborating the name and also gives rise  to deafening roars that can be heard from a distance.

Chausat Yogini Temple

Jabalpur Tourism packages make sure that a mention of this renowned temple occupy a primary position on the itinerary. The Chausat Yogini Temple is one of the 64 temples that are situated all over Madhya Pradesh attracting tourists from all across the globe. The coarse granite that makes up the intricate masterpiece has indeed set a benchmark for the present generation of builders who are always on the lookout for inspiration.

Marble Rocks

The awe-inspiring Marble Rocks formation along the banks of River Narmada in Bhedaghat makes for another picturesque sight that leave visitors speechless at its magnitude. The marbles are distributed all over India from this very site, branding the place with an unmatched significance. A boat ride amongst the pristine white marble rocks is sure to keep the visitor spell bound.

Rani Durgavati Museum

Dedicated to the memory of Rani Durgavati, the museum is a must-visit if you are in the vicinity. It houses some of the finest relics and sculptures dating back to the 10th and 11th centuries. From ancient inscriptions, coins and exhibitions of photographs, the museum provides a lustrous peek into the past.

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