How to reach Sanchi

UNESCO World Heritage site

The town of Sanchi is synonymous with Buddhist Stupas – hemispherical structures typically containing relics of the Buddha or his followers.

historical opulance

The Stupas of Sanchi were constructed on the orders of Emperor Ashoka to preserve and spread the Buddhist philosophy. Sanchi has been protecting these beautiful and sacred architectural wonders, just the way these wonders have been safeguarding ancient history and art of the Mauryan period.

Travel to sanchi

By Air

Bhopal ( BHO – Raja Bhoj airport ) is the nearest airport at a distance of 50 kms & has regular flights to major cities.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Vidisha (BHS) and has selective stoppage of trains. However, the recommended railway stations are either Bhopal (BPL) or Habibganj (HBJ – another railway station in Bhopal where many trains do have a stoppage | India’s first ISO CERTIFIED private railway station ), located at a distance of 50 kms from Sanchi. Bhopal is a major junction of the west Central railway. Both Bhopal & Habibganj railway stations have great connectivity for major cities of India as well as other towns of Madhya Pradesh.
Shatabdi Express ( Train No 12001 & 12002 ) has a daily shuttle between Delhi and Bhopal and is the fastest train in India.

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Sanchi is well connected by road to all major cities nd tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh.

Mentioned below is a distance chart guide from Sanchi :

Bhopal – Sanchi : 46 kms | 1 hr drive

Indore – Sanchi : 232 kms | 4.5 hrs drive

Vidisha – Sanchi : 10 kms | 20 mins drive

Pachmarhi – Sanchi : 200 kms | 4 hrs drive

Satpura (Madhai) – Sanchi : 160 kms | 13.5 hrs drive

Udaygiri – Sanchi : 10 kms | 30 mins drive

Bhimbhetka – Sanchi : 85 kms | 1.5 hrs drive

Bhojpur – Sanchi : 67 kms | 1.5 hrs drive


Vishnu in the Varaha Avtar

Udaygiri caves, located at a distance of 10 kms should not be missed. You can reach Udaygiri at lunch time to have a delicious meal at MP tourism’s “Jungle Resort”, located at a serene location in Udaygiri, close to the caves. Do not miss the “Sound & Light Show” at Sanchi.