How to reach Pachmarhi

By Train :

The nearest railway station is Pipariya (PPI) which is 47 kms from Pachmarhi.

Pipariya is on the main Jabalpur Itarsi train route and most of the trains have a halt at Pipariya, although it’s for a very short time (1-2 mins).
By train Pipariya is approx 2 hrs from both Jabalpur & Itarsi.
Transfers from Pipariya to Pachmarhi are prearranged.
Local buses and shared taxis are also available from Pipariya railway station.




By Air : The nearest airports are Jabalpur (JLR) and Bhopal (BHO), both at a distance of 200 kms with regular flights to major cities.

By Road : Pachmarhi is well connected by road and falls on the MP SH 22.
Pipariya to Pachmarhi is a 1 hr drive. Initially one drives on the plains and later through the mountains offering excellent scenic beauty. A stopover at the MP Tourism Midway treat at Matkuli is advised for freshening up & refreshments. On the way, take a short halt at the bridge over the Denwa river which offers a beautiful view.

Take a break at the “Echo Point” and enjoy the wilderness and the Denwa flowing among the ravines.