How to reach Kanha National Park from Nagpur

Visiting Kanha National Park is very convenient from Nagpur.

From Nagpur, Kanha National Park can be comfortably reached by road.






Nagpur to  Kanha National Park  –  By Road

The roads from Nagpur to Kanha National Park is smooth with intermittent heavy traffic. The total drive is of 270 kms & will take around 6 hrs.

Navigation for Nagpur to Kanha National Park


• Follow NH 44, MP SH 11A and Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd to Madhya Pradesh

• Continue onto NH 44

• Turn right toward NH 44

• Continue onto NH 44 Toll road

• Continue straight to stay on NH 44 Pass by Bank of India (on the left)
• Turn right at रग रग वंदे मातरम कायालय onto Seoni Bypass Rd/MP SH 26 Continue to follow MP SH 26 Pass by Patel Restaurant And Dhaba Bordai (on the left in 1.5 km)

• Continue onto Seoni Bypass Rd

• Turn right onto MP SH 11A/MP SH 12 Continue to follow MP SH 11A Pass by Raut Paan Senter (on the right in 13.5 km)

• Turn right at Sub Health Centre onto Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd/Chiraidongri – Kanhav Rd Continue to follow Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd Pass by akanksha rice mill indri (on the right in 5.6 km)

• Turn right


Click here to download the road navigation for Nagpur to Kanha National Park.