How to reach Kanha National Park from Indore

Visiting Kanha National Park is very convenient from Indore.

Guests can take a train for Jabalpur & hire a taxi for Kanha or drive down from Indore to Kanha.





Indore to Kanha National Park  – By Train

Indore ( INDB) is having direct trains each day for Jabalpur ( JBP ).

We can provide pick up from Jabalpur railway station & direct transfer to Kanha National Park.

The train details, on a real time basis are :

Indore – Jabalpur

Train No Train Name Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Total Running Time
18233 Narmada Exp INDB 17:15 JBP 06:25 13:10
22191 Overnight Exp INDB 19:30 JBP 05:35 10:05


Jabalpur – Indore

Train No Train Name Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Total Running Time
18234 Narmada Exp JBP 21:05 INDB 10:50 13:45H
22192 Overnight Exp JBP 23:50 INDB 09:55 10:05H


On the day of arrival at Jabalpur, guests can plan a trip to Bheraghat (Marble Rocks) and subsequently proceed for Kanha.
Or while returning back, guests can visit Bargi or Bheraghat as well witness the “Narmada Aarti” at Gwarighat before boarding the overnight train for Bhopal.


How to reach Kanha National Park from Indore – By Road

The roads from Indore to Kanha National Park is moderately smooth with traffic. The total drive is of 630 kms & will take around 13.5 hrs.

Navigation for Indore to Kanha National Park

Follow Mahatma Gandhi Rd and RNT Marg to Godhra Hwy/Indore – Bhopal Rd in Residency Area

  1. Head northeast on Kishanpura Bridge/Mahatma Gandhi Rd toward Kishanpura Bridge/Mahatma Gandhi Rd Continue to follow Mahatma Gandhi Rd Pass by City post oce (on the right)
  2. Continue straight onto Mahatma Gandhi Rd/Shastri Bridge
  3. At Regal Cir, take the 2nd exit onto RNT Marg Pass by Lemon Tree Hotel, Indore (on the left in 350 m)
  4. At Madhumilan Square, take the 1st exit onto Godhra Hwy/Indore – Bhopal Rd/MY Hospital Rd/RNT Marg Go through 1 roundabout Pass by Government College Of Dentistry (on the right in 750 m)

Continue on Indore – Bhopal Rd. Take Bhopal Bypass Rd, NH146, NH86A, Bamhori Rd, … and NH 44 to Palari Rd in Thaori

  1. Keep right to stay on Godhra Hwy/Indore – Bhopal Rd Toll road Pass by Cancer Care Trust Hospital (on the left in 750 m)
  2. Keep right to continue on NH52
  3. Continue onto NH52
  4. Take the ramp to Dewas Rd/Indore – Bhopal Rd
  5. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Dewas Rd/Indore – Bhopal Rd Continue to follow Indore – Bhopal Rd Toll road Pass by Jaiswal Milk Parlour (on the left)
  6. Continue straight onto Sehore Bypass Rd Pass by Gurukripa Restaurant (on the left)
  7. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Indore Bhopal Rd Toll road Pass by King Security Agency (on the left in 2.1 km)
  8. Turn left onto Bhauri Bypass Rd/Bhopal Bypass Rd Continue to follow Bhopal Bypass Rd Toll road Pass by Pal Restaurant (on the left)
  9. Turn left onto NH146 Pass by LNCT Group of Colleges (on the right in 1.4 km)
  10. Turn right at kamal kumar kamal onto NH86A Toll road Pass by the petrol pump (on the left)
  11. Turn right onto Bamhori Rd Pass by Soni. Pan Centre (on the left in 7.3 km)
  12. Turn right
  13. At Maa Sharda Tent Hause Resto Rent, continue onto MPSH 15 Pass by ICICI Bank Batera – Branch & ATM (on the left in 13.3 km)
  14. Turn left at राज रेटोरेट onto NH45 Pass by Harshit News Ajency (on the right)
  15. Turn right at बोरास रोड चौराहा onto MP SH 44 Pass by Hotel Green Park (on the left)
  16. At बकानेर वीट्स, MP SH 44 turns left and becomes MP SH 22 Toll road Pass by Shahanaee Garden (on the right in 350 m)
  17. Turn right onto NH 44 Toll road Pass by Toll Tax (on the right in 25.3 km)
  18. Slight left
  19. Slight left Pass by Dhuma Bus Stand (on the left in 2.0 km)
  20. At अहसा चौक पेोल पंप, continue onto MP SH 40 Pass by the medical store (on the left)

Continue on Palari Rd. Take Dhanora – Mandla Rd and Niwari-Pindrai Rd to MP SH 11/MP SH 11A in Niwari

  1. Turn right at Kishan footware onto Palari Rd Pass by Dr Yogendr Gumasta (on the right)
  2. Turn left
  3. Continue straight past Indi Tee Stal onto Dhanora – Mandla Rd Pass by अनल सा कराना धनौरा (on the left)
  4. Continue straight
  5. Turn left
  6. Turn right Pass by जनता एमपी ऑनलाइन (on the left in 7.1 km)
  7. Slight right Pass by Aseem daya (on the left in 950 m)
  8. Turn right at Vasal Traders onto Niwari-Pindrai Rd/Pindrai – Nainpur Rd Continue to follow Niwari-Pindrai Rd Pass by Fino banking Point (on the left)
  9. Turn right
  10. At कालेज रेटोरट, continue onto Degree College Rd

Drive along Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd

  1. Sharp left at Distrbution Centre (MPPKVVCL) onto MP SH 11/MP SH 11A Pass by Thakur Construction & Development (on the left)
  2. Turn right at Sub Health Centre onto Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd/Chiraidongri – Kanhav Rd Continue to follow Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd Pass by akanksha rice mill indri (on the right in 5.6 km)
  3. Turn right

Arrive Kanha

Click here to download the road navigation for Bhopal to Kanha National Park.