Proudly known as ‘Hindustan ka dil’, Madhya Pradesh is one of the finest creations of the Greatest Maker and there are several reasons for having such an opinion. Madhya Pradesh tourism is popular all the more because of its beautiful places that are notable either for its heritage or spiritual, wildlife or simply for leisure purposes. There is not a single place in this state that you will find less alluring but among them, Pachmari is considered to be the most striking place that stands the tallest. Hence it is often called ‘Queen of Satpura’.

Pachmarhi bears a strong connection with the Indian epic Mahabharata. At a height of around 1100 meters, legend says that the five Pandava brothers dug the caves here during their period of exile. It is from this incident that the place got its name ‘Pachmarhi’(‘pach’ meaning five and ‘marhi’ meaning cave).

Today Pachmarhi is enlisted in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve because of its gorgeousness in terms of flora and fauna. There are numerous popular tourist spots in and around Pachmarhi. These are:

  1. Pandava Caves– This place is notable for its popular rock-cut Buddhist temples. You will be in awe of the beauty of this fine specimen in architecture that upholds the picture of history during those times. It is popularly believed that the Pandavas from the epic ‘Mahabharata’ took shelter in these caves when they were sent on exile.

  1. Dhoopgarh – Since it is located in the highest altitude(1352 meter approx.), Dhoopgarh forms the highest point in the whole Satpura mountain range. What makes this place a must-visit if you can catch the most spectacular view of both sunrise and sunset.

  1. Jata Shankar Cave– This is another cave that you must visit. Formed from limestone, this cave also has a spiritual tale to it. It is said that Lord Shiva hid from the anger of Bhashmasur in this cave.

  1. Mahadeo Hills– Hills is the best place to relax your mind; full of peace and tranquility. Be it the Himalayas or Kanchenjunga, a hill is associated with serenity. So are the Mahadeo Hills that are surrounded by lush greeneries and also offers a spectacular treat for the eyes. The hills are made of sandstone and are mainly known for an ancient Shiva temple and some natural caves.

  1. Duchess fall- The Duchess waterfall forms one of the most attractive scenes in Pachmarhi. On viewing it, you will simply marvel at the natural silvery glow that the waterfall emits while falling down. The sound of the waterfall instills a sense of thrill inside you and this scene will automatically lift your spirits for the rest of your journey.

Conclusion– From the above discussion, you must have by now visualized the beauty of Madhya Pradesh. All you need to do is select any suitable MP tour packages from your travel operator, pack your bags, get set ready and go!