Game Drives Friday, August 2nd, 2019


· It is mandatory to have an authorized guide with each of the safari vehicles / teams.

· While entering into the protected area, there should be minimum 50 meters distance to be maintained between the vehicles.

· There may be specific instructions from the safari administrators about the dress code to be followed. Mostly, clothes should be of nature-merging colors.

· The park entry pass and identity proof has to be kept handy, which needed to be produced if asked by authorized person.

· Do sit at the allocated position only in the vehicle.

· Listen to the safety instructions and code of conduct clearly and clarify doubts if any before getting on to the safari vehicle.


· The safari vehicles should not carry more number of passengers than allowed capacity, including guide and driver.

· The travelers are not supposed to get down at any places other than permitted while inside the protected forest area.

· Usage of camera flashes may also have limitations inside the jungle, which one should strictly follow.

· Don’t play music instruments or songs during the safari.

· Try not to make any loud noise inside the jungle, which may either attract or panic the animals.

· Try not getting scared on seeing an animal, just follow the instructions given.

· Don’t try to get so close to wild animals.

· Don’t throw plastic, bottles, packets, or tins inside the jungle.

· Do not drink or smoke.

Each safari will be having its own specific set of instructions, which need to be carefully learned and followed by the travelers to enjoy a safe and exciting trip.

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