This financial year, the tourism infrastructure for Madhya Pradesh is going to get an upgradation from an investment of Rs.1,300 crore in both the private and public sector. According to Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s Additional Managing Director, Tanvi Sundriyal, infrastructure upgradation is a long process and the main objective is to raise the room’s inventory in the next five years, in three stars or above category. Under this upgradation process, over 300 wayside amenities for every 50 km will be built. To carry out all these, the investment of Rs. 1,300 crore from both government and private sector is the need of the hour.

Presently, 5,400 rooms in the three star or above category are offered by the state.
For constructing more than 300 wayside amenities like restrooms, parks and the likes every 50 km, franchises will be given to private players by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation.

Religious tourism is not the primary concern for the state government; equal attention is to be given on upgrading wildlife tourism as Madhya Pradesh has six sanctuaries. The primary aim is to promote rural tourism around these sanctuaries, wedding destinations and meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions (MICE) sectors.

To give the tourists a pure feeling of the state, developing rural tourism around the heritage sites is included in the plans of the state government. Besides, the state previously focused on establishing Khajuraho and Orccha as international MICE destinations. Although the state did not have any tie-ups with the neighboring states for joint promotion of tourism circuits, the state government is definitely giving a thought for the future.

The state is expecting a growth in the number of tourist visits this year. Previously in 2015, the state received around eight crore tourists from both domestic and international. Currently, the state is hosting roadshows across the country to enable direct business-to-business contact between the tour operators in Madhya Pradesh and the private service providers.

Another interesting news about Madhya Pradesh is that Rs. 50 crore has been allocated by Tourism minister, KJ Alphons, for the development of Govardhan parikrama because Govardhan in Mathura, needs to become a world-class destination. Also, Govardhan Maharaj Utsav shall be held every year in October. After conducting a site inspection in Mathura to examine the requirements for the development of facilities, the minister proposed this at a meeting with the state government officials.

For the development of the infrastructural facilities at Govardhan in Mathura, previously the UP government had submitted a proposal. Under PRASHAD scheme, projects with a value of Rs. 118.23 crore has already been approved by the ministry of tourism during the last four years and they are under implementation in Varanasi and Mathura in Madhya Pradesh. Out of the 24 sites identified for development in various states, Omkareshwar, Varanasi and Mathura are also included.

So if you are planning to visit Madhya Pradesh, now or later, get ready to be welcomed by a plethora of tourist attractions with no more wasting time by searching for good hotels, restaurants and cafes because you will get to know all once you reach there!