If you think about it, food and travel can indeed be the only two things needed for sustenance (of course with an uninterrupted flow of money but that is besides the point). Travelling and gorging go hand in hand. Stepping on foreign grounds is inevitably followed by a taste test of the cuisine that the place has to offer. From trying the staple of the region to venturing into shady streets to experience the lip-smacking delicacies the locals keep talking about, you must have done it all.

It is exactly on this regard that India, if we may say so ourselves, trumps over all. The magnificently diverse culture gives rise to a food paradise so enticing and so vibrant that it seems like doing the Food Gods an injustice if you fail to try everything up on offer. Madhya Pradesh, one of the prime states in Central India, however, is not known for a particular cuisine. Instead, it imbibes the flavours from all over the country and presents a cuisine like no other by merging the existing dishes with innovations. Madhya Pradesh, the land which resonates with history has a delicious mix of royalty and modernity in their food which visitors travel for miles to experience. True, the place has its fair share, well more than its fare share, of national parks, wildlife reserves, spiritual and heritage sites, ancient ruins and all that MP Tourism Packages incorporate in their itineraries, but the heart of the Heartland of India is definitely the gastronomical extravaganza.

Let’s take a look at what the royal families supped on and how they have aged over the decades:

The Bun Kebabs Of Bhopal

Bhopal is a treasure trove of all things Nawabi(royal). And they are best experienced through the street fare instead of the luxurious hotels that you spend the trip in. The bun kebab is one such delicacy which is relished with steaming cups of Suleiman Tea. The kebabs or flattened meat balls are cooked in mild spices and fried some more, sandwiched between buns and are washed down with tea topped with whipped cream that leave behind a salty after-taste.
Tough imagining what we are talking about? Well take a trip down the bylanes of Bhopal and you’ll know.

Maheri And More Of Bundelkhand

The smaller villages around the Bundelkhand region have a lot to offer in terms of food that are slightly unconventional, to say the least. The food usually emanates a smoky flavour and is often cooked without the use of oil. The basic ingredients of the dishes are mainly pulses and grains of all kind such as jowar, millets, wheat, lentils. One of the more popular dishes is the khichdi (a mixture of lentils and rice) which is made with jowar and buttermilk and flavoured with spices like cumin. Make sure you have a bowlful of this if you are on the go and have one of the day’s meals be sorted.

Jabalpur’s Mawa Bati

There is no dearth of sweet treats in Madhya Pradesh. From the fried wonder, also known as jalebis, to shrikhand and sikanji (a sweetened drink made with rabri and curd), you think it and MP will surely have a version of it. Mawa Bati, a speciality of Jabalpur, is considered to be one of the defining sweets of the state. Constituting of a fried, sweetened dough that is later dipped in a sugary syrup, the sweet makes for a perfect after-meal snack. The addition of dry fruits add on to the crunchiness and helps in cutting through the sweetness.

Daal Bafla

Served in many parts of Madhya Pradesh, Daal Bafla is a dish inspired from the cuisine of Rajasthan. Shallow fried wheat balls accompanied with a serving of green chutney is indeed a match made in the spiritual realms. Packed with the necessary nutrients, this indulgent dish must not be consumed guiltily. Have platefuls to your heart’s content and thank us later.

Come for the historical spectacles, stay for the food. You would not be disappointed.

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