The sounds and scenes of the Madhya Pradesh jungles hold a special place in the heart of every wildlife enthusiasts. The large expanse of land prospers with various species of flora and fauna owing to its rugged terrain adorned with vast plains on one side, lush green forests on the other sides and crystal clear streams occasionally flowing in between. This natural setting makes it a perfect habitat for thriving wildlife and which in turn promotes Madhya Pradesh tourism.

Madhya Pradesh can be proudly called as the homeland for wildlife parks, tiger reserves and sanctuaries. Presently there are 9 national parks, 6 Tiger reserves and 25 sanctuaries in the state, sheltering some of the most uncommon species of birds and animals. These protected areas also conserve endangered animals like Tigers.

If you are eager to have an unforgettable wildlife adventure, Madhya Pradesh is your ideal wildlife destination for sure! Let us look at the popular wildlife destinations that can set your heart racing immediately!

  1. Kanha National Park- With an extent of almost 940 sq km, there is no wonder why Kanha National Park is also known as the largest national park in Madhya Pradesh. The park is in the close vicinity of the plateau of Bamhnidadar and is a common meeting ground for a large flock of birds. Apart from that, it also offers its visitors a captivating view of the sunset. The pride of this national park lies in having the Barasingha (swamp deer) back from being nearly extinct. Also, the park has a popular Tiger reserve where the tigers roam around unhindered and undisturbed. Other animals to spot are jackals, foxes, leopards, wild cats and so on.

Conclusion– By now, you must have mentally transported to these parks already, after reading about the parks. The wild roars, the musty smell of the forests, the sound of silence interspersed with the chirpping of the birds, will provide you the perfect ambiance for experiencing the best safari ride in this state.